Highschool Jacob Joyfully Sings to New Beginnings Through His Single “Fall In”

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Highschool Jacob‘s latest single, “fall in,” is a track that reflects the evolution of his artistry and his ability to create emotionally resonant pop music that captivates listeners around the world. 

The style of “fall in” is refreshing and friendly, with production touches reminiscent of wizards behind the boards like Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell. The track unfolds with layers of sounds and fusions that pique the listener’s curiosity.


Having immersed himself in music from an early age, Highschool Jacob‘s journey through classical theory, jazz piano, and eventually film music, has shaped his unique musical perspective. He draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, including electronic pop songwriters like Porches and Still Woozy, as well as 1975 pop-rock sensibilities. 

Thematically, “fall in” is about human connection and the journey of falling in love. “‘Fall in’ is about letting yourself get wrapped up in the moment. I wanted to write a song about the excitement and anticipation that comes with trying something new with someone new. Every section of the song feels distinct while leading into the next to show off a herky jerky spirit that can accompany a night out. I also leaned into some of my old electronic music roots but played with harsh cuts between samples and synths to give it a DIY yet polished feel,” the artist said.

The bright, happy sounds and movement vibe that the song delivers definitely managed to capture the feeling of adventure that new beginnings offer. On “fall in,” Highschool Jacob invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of sonic exploration and heartfelt storytelling, where the journey is just beginning, and the best is yet to come.

As Highschool Jacob prepares for the release of his upcoming EP and embarks on a tour with his newly formed live band, the future looks bright for this rising pop revelation.


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