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“Black heart/ smoke lung/ I got a fire on my tongue/cause I Can yell like a gun…”

Doll Machine is a pretty interesting performer with an air of mystery around her. Highly inventive and seemingly bent toward pushing past conventions and expectations, there’s very little for us to analyze right now, as her streaming platforms only contain three songs including this one, but we do know she’s worked with the likes of Telepopmusik, house legend DJ Robbie Rivera and right now there’s also an incoming collaboration with Grammy-winning artist, Really Doe.  This scarcity of released material under this pseudonym mystifies me more than anything because while there are commonalities between all three tracks, they are also incredibly diverse and fill you with this pleasant sense of unknowing like you’re certain she can and will surprise you with another unique new sound any day now. For the time being, we’ll have to make do with her latest single, however.

Danceable, infectious, light-hearted… none of it has to be or feel careless or lacking in delicateness, and in Doll Machine’s “Techno Cowgirl” all of these positive qualities come together for a formidable and unforgettable track that is inviting in every way and from every angle. 

“Techno Cowgirl” features quite a bit of techno indeed, particularly in the very danceable and enthralling beat that makes the core of the song work. From that groundwork, a few eclectic yet perfectly aligned elements are woven together by Doll Machine into this digital-aged soundscape that hints at retro values (such as synthwave) while being very forward-looking. It’s clear that Doll Machine not only has a perfect grasp of what “electro-pop” is right now but what else it could be as it appears on the horizon for her.

in a bit of a twist “Techno Cowgirl” seems a bit more straightforward than her previous two releases, not exactly conventional though, but the song’s intent seems a bit clearer from both the upbeat dynamism of its music to the more sensuous and playful vocals that Doll has adopted this time. it’s also a bit denser in sound, less minimalistic and perhaps more about the punchy hooks and infectious rhythm than anything. All of this seems entirely by design, “You want a Techno Cowgirl, yeah you want a Techno Cowgirl” she sings almost with a knowing smile all the way through as if my natural reaction and impression of the song were very much calculated from the start.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain. The self-aware digital-age vernacular of her lyrics and imagery, and coupled with the utter moody sincerity of the synth soundscape have piqued my interest big time. I think Doll Machine’s sound is cheeky and lighthearted but it’s also very glamorous and conceptual, something which I don’t think you hear every day.



 Story: LADYGUNN Photos: Courtesy Of The Artist



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