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Oh yes! Hello Mary, the NYC band redefining an aesthetic. A 90s group resurfaces with Helena Straight, Mikaela Oppenheimer and Stella Wave; and as we walk across the sand dunes, rain drops appear on our desks. Ginger their 2020 album simmers with a quiet glamor that invokes deja vu…and however quaint the group bleeds a silver lyricism into tomorrow. Shangri-la glunge with edge, and as the coffee drips…the trio speak.


Hello Mary?

Mikaela and I met in the 6th grade…I got into music because my dad played the drums. There was always rock music playing at home growing up, so that’s how I got into it.  Mikaela and I started making music together in middle school.


A defining moment for the group?

Helena and I were a part of the Brooklyn Music Factory…after that we started off on our own.



The Breeders, Big Thief, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead…we’re all over the map!


A favorite spot?

My basement.


How often do you guys practice?

Twice a week.


What comes to mind when you think NYC?

Listening to music on the subway.


A favorite band?

The Strokes!


Punk rock?

If you think you’re playing it…you probably are. There’s something unique about it.


A favorite closet item?

Blue jeans…we don’t have any black ones.


A memorable story?

There was this guy that wanted a Hello Mary t-shirt, and we all got on our bikes and delivered it to him in Brooklyn. It was the hottest day of the year.


Apples or Pears?

Pears honestly, but we’re trying to eat more apples.


How does your last album compare to the latest?

The last album that we have out has some cool moments, but it’s not that great in comparison to our latest. I think we’ve all become better as musicians.


A favorite from the album?

‘Ginger’ is the most fun to play…but ‘Mary’ is cool too.


Some weirdness?

It was upstate…I was laying down and I felt like there were spiritual entities all around me. I started crying, and then laughing hysterically afterwards.



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