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“We’ve all been through it- everyone knows that feeling you get when you fall for someone and can’t get them out of your head, even if they’re no good for you. “

Harry Jay is a name that many TikTokers will know thanks to his viral “anyone can sing” series on the platform. With multiple videos reaching millions of views, Harry uses this platform to informally “coach” his viewers in the art of singing with a comedic and lighthearted tone that gives an additional value to these already fascinating tutorials.  This series launched Jay into becoming the vocal coach of young TikTok stars such as kevboyperry (Kevin creel), mother victory, and landed him collaborations with artists like Luke Brown (lowkeyLuke), of the Future X.  

Some of you may ask: what gives this dude the right to coach anyone at all? what are his credentials? Well, if attending the Berklee College of Music isn’t enough to clue you in then just listening to his newest single “Moody” will do more than convince you that Harry Jay is the real deal because he’s no doubt one of the most amazing R&B vocalists we’ve heard in a while.

Harry will most likely fit in the interstice between Neo-Soul and R&B, and he does so with style. The music evolves from a sparse dark-pop ambiance towards an even more haunting soulful and even prog territory when the guitar shows up. His deliberate and seemingly unorthodox soundscape gives him away as a student of Jazz Composition at Berklee, but more importantly, it makes the track a tenuous wince-in-delight kind of song that grows increasingly more amazing the more you listen to it.

That’s on the music side of things, and as far as vocal performance goes, I don’t think I could go into too much detail that you couldn’t otherwise appreciate for yourselves by simply listening to Harry go. There’s a lot of feeling and emotion to his voice, and again it all comes through very deliberately and carefully thought-out, which is a mark not only of his education but also of his lifelong experience, which included fronting a 7-piece Funk band called Harry Jay and the Bling, with whom Harry would go on three East Coast tours. The song itself is a rather interesting piece on the subject of romantic obsession and the power it has on people, and although Harry’s vocals hint at a sublime sort of passion, it’s all clearly at the service of illustrating a wild parallel between desire and pain

Harry Jay has released 8 singles to date, amassing over 411k streams organically on Spotify and selling out his first headlining shows in Los Angeles at Resident and Bardot, profiling himself as an extremely exciting artist who people are really starting to pay attention to for quite obvious reasons. Don’t miss out on him! Harry has an upcoming debut EP on the way called “NOTHARRISON” and it promises to be the most Jaw-dropping and polished work he’s put out to date.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Of Harry Jay




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