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Creative Director, Editor: @itsteacake // Photographer: @callmebyjose // Makeup, Designer:  @pinkslutskill // Hair: @aziaishling // 3D Composite: @dahakatoda

Hana Pestle, mononymously known as HANA, is the kind of creative that can put any hater in their place through a smile. This became extra apparent when the LA based musical mogul Twitch live streamed the entire 4 week creation of her album, HANADRIEL. The point of this revolutionary feat was to prove that her production, composition and songwriting process calls on no one else but herself. Not only did she accomplish this with ease, she also created a safe space within her Twitch live streams by channeling her vulnerability within her music as well as channeling her immense love for the gaming community.

As if breaking major barriers in the music and gaming world were not enough, this fiery female force also has a fashion style that is unmatched by anyone else in the game. Always effortlessly evolving, HANA went from acoustic guitar sessions to electronic experimentalism with a look to match her new and true self. Through her extraterrestrial aesthetic and unrepeatable sound, HANA is a testament to the power that a woman has to be whoever they want whenever they want.

Check out our interview below to get to know the multi-talented visionary with an energy that is quite literally out of this world. Although her online authenticity has created a close knit community of fans, the inspiration HANA imprints on others reaches far and wide to every corner of the universe.

Creative Director @itsteacake // Photographer: @callmebyjose // Makeup @pinkslutskill // Hair: @aziaishling // Showroom: @underpinpr // Designer: @lovejimmypaul

Tell me a little bit about your start in the music industry and how your journey has gotten you to your self produced album, HANADRIEL.

Over the last decade I’ve worked as a producer, composer, singer and songwriter, and have toured the country a few times and under a few monikers! Four years ago, I released an EP under HANA, which I toured around the world for. Over the last few years, I have noticed that people don’t necessarily comprehend the work that I put into my music/art. Many assume collaborators that I work with, especially if they are male, did most of the work. Making an album, Hanadriel, while live streaming the entire process seemed like a perfect way to combat this and show my process, while also creating a body of work in a really interesting and experimental way.

The album has many references to video games. Are you a gamer yourself? What is it like to be apart of the gaming world being that it is pretty male dominated?

I am! Video games are a huge part of my life. One reason I’m so passionate about my Twitch stream is because I wanted to create a space where everyone felt comfortable to hang out and love games together. The ratio of female and men gamers is quite balanced actually, some spots on the internet just have some catching up to do.

Creative Director @itsteacake // Photographer: @callmebyjose // Makeup:  @pinkslutskill // Hair: @aziaishling // Showroom: @underpinpr // Designer: @lovejimmypaul

How did live-streaming your album process help let fans know you on a more vulnerable level?

Those watching me make my album live really saw every part of my creative process, good and bad. There were days when I was stuck on a drum part or a lyric and they experienced every moment of frustration with me! We experienced the highs of creativity together too, though, and those 4 weeks are so special to all of us that were involved because it was so vulnerable and special to share.

Do you feel that social media in general helps you showcase yourself in that same vulnerable and honest way or do you feel it does the opposite?

Sometimes social media can feel like a playground where I can explore endless visual ideas or inspirations, and sometimes it’s a place that gives me anxiety. It totally depends on the day and what is going on in my life personally or artistically.

Creative Director @itsteacake // Photographer: @callmebyjose // Makeup @pinkslutskill // Hair: @aziaishling // Showroom: @underpinpr // Designer: @bcallabcalla

As someone who seemingly shows her true self, how does your fashion sense reflect your persona?

Fashion has become something so comforting for me. It’s another way to invite others into my world. Another layer to paint a picture of the world I’m inviting you into. It’s something that has really expanded my artistic universe in the past few years.

You are a regular collaborator with GRIMES, and you both have such unique styles and vibes. Are there other women that you have worked with who have a style that you admire?

My friend Rina Sawayama is SO effortlessly cool and every story she tells with music or fashion always comes from such an interesting and thought provoking place. Caroline Polachek is a queen in my eyes – I did a remix for Chairlift a few years ago and it was so much fun to work with her briefly! Alice Longyu Gao is another artist that slays my existence.

Creative Director, Editor: @itsteacake // Photographer: @callmebyjose // Makeup, Designer:  @pinkslutskill // Hair: @aziaishling

Having an album fully produced and performed by a badass woman is something that needs to be highlighted more in the music industry! Have you grown up with a sense of female empowerment that led you to the confidence you have as a musician today?

Thank you!! It’s something that I learned from my mom from a young age. She got her masters while my sister and I were incredibly young and has always worked really hard my entire life. I also started touring by myself when I was very young, which taught me a lot about strength, confidence and conviction.

What is next on your journey?

This year is so exciting – I feel like my artistic floodgates are open! I have some tour dates coming up, a 3-song HANA EP, music with my friend Durante, and some collaborations with Twitch that I’m super excited about!

Creative Director, Editor @itsteacake // Photographer: @callmebyjose // Makeup @pinkslutskill // Hair: @aziaishling // Showroom: @underpinpr // Designer: @bcallabcalla
photos / Jose Martinez
story / Paulette Ely
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