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story / Erica Russell

photos / Spencer Kohn

We asked our fave Los Angeles glitter-pop duo HOLYCHILD—a.k.a. Liz & Louie—to curate a special playlist for us containing songs that represent their “brat pop” aesthetic, and they did not disappoint. The band, whose debut albumThe Shape of Brat Pop to Come is out now, had this to say about their selections: “This is a list of songs that have inspired Brat Pop. They’re part pop, part experimental, part revolution. Get down with us.” And if you’re in dire need of more HOLYCHILD stat, stay tuned for our exclusive feature with the duo in our upcoming twelfth issue, out in September!
The Party’s Crashing Us – Of Montreal
“We find the lyrics of this song to be very sexy. We love Of Montreal, they are so prolific and always push boundaries.”

Love Letter to Japan – The Bird and the Bee
“If you know us, you know we love The Bird and the Bee. You also know we love Japan! <3”
Every Single Night – Fiona Apple
“We are always inspired by Fiona Apple. This song is particularly moving for us.”
The Whole World – Outkast ft. Killer Mike
“Outkast is perfect. Enough said!”
This Thing of Ours – Rainy Milo
“After we heard of Rainy Milo we rushed to see her live and she’s amazing! We await new music from her.”
Alameda – Elliott Smith
“Liz went through a big Elliott Smith phase. He is such an amazing song writer.”
Revel In Contempt – Buke & Gase
“We were both obsessed with the Buke & Gase album, Riposte, for all of 2011 when we first met.”
Leyendecker – Battles
“‘Battles’ is everything.”
Profanity Prayers – Beck
“These lyrics are so inspiring to us!”
Oh No! – Marina and The Diamonds
“This Marina song captures Brat Pop perfectly.”
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