GRAACE Shows Vulnerable Side On New Single

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Words/Robert Frezza

Photos/Bec Parsons

Australian pop singer GRAACE has officially washed up on the American shores. The singer has a new song aptly titled “21st Century Love”. She croons on the track, “These insecurities are gonna ruin me/I know this jealousy will ruin us”. This infectious song has us hooked from beginning to end. The upcoming pop starlet has a devoted following on social media and has worked with Australian singer Hayden James’ and his platinum selling single “Numb” in 2017.

There are many things that influenced the singer, but the bonds she saw growing up is what she was influenced on the most. “Growing up I’ve been surrounded by older family friends with such incredible love stories which are so strong and they’ve stayed together through thick and thin,” states the singer. Please check out the exclusive premiere of “21st Century Love” below via soundcloud. Then check out the lyric video below.


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