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SoDown turns up the heat with everything he creates, and he took a little time to chat with us about “Get up”, a track that’s an absolute bange to enjoy. Get up and move. 

This Colorado-based producer has been laying down sexy and hypnotic beats for years and bringing the vibe wherever he graces. As well as being an exceptional producer, SoDown also plays the saxophone, which has become a staple of his artistry. “I will always be inspired by reggae and horns and bass”, he said. 

But before you read the interview, you better mark the date and open your schedule up, because SoDown just announced a two-night run at the Mishawaka Amphitheater on July 29 and 30. 


I was almost asleep in front of my computer at the office, when I got “Get Up.” It was like an instant shot of energy that helped me finish the workday LOL. Please tell me everything about the power of this track. 


HAHAHAHA I think it’s  rooted in the horn and the bass. Which is basically everything my project consists of lol. 


Tell us about the collaboration with Defunk, how was the chemistry between you, and who called who? How was the creative process? 


We’ve been friends for a long, long time. We were on tour together, and we started working together during downtime. It actually started as a completely different song. 


Define in a short sentence: “Get Up”, “Badboi Sound” and “Serious Dub” 


Bass Music Saxophone 


Five years ago you were the opening act at Red Rocks Amphitheater and now you’re making your return. How does it feel to be back? 


It felt soooo gooood!! I’m so incredibly grateful to be back. We were waiting for the right moment and it couldn’t have gone any better <3 


Music is an infinite journey of exploration. We would like to know when you learned to play the saxophone and how you came to the idea of mixing it with more electronic and modern sounds. 


It just kind of happened naturally. I started producing, and I had played lots of instruments in the past. I was incredibly inspired by the sound of the saxophone, and I wanted to learn it, so I did. Then, I naturally started including it in my music. 

How much of your personal experiences are there in your music? Or are you one of the artists who prefer to tell experiences that are not personal? 


Quite a few honestly. I prefer to keep some parts vague for personal reasons, but every song tells a story. A piece of my life or what I was feeling at the time. 


We assume that you are always doing your own searches for musical materials. What do you listen to get inspired? 


Ugh, basically everything!!! This is such a hard question to answer specifically… I have an inspiration playlist on Spotify that has everything from jazz to dubstep, to hip hop, to classical on there. 


Thank you so much for your time and I appreciate the genuine questions! Sending love.



Story: Samuel Aponte Photos: Cait Falc




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