Gazelle Twin Bewitches With New Dark Pop "Belly Of The Beast"

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story / Erica Russell

Brooding and diabolical, the new release from UK-based artist Gazelle Twin – Elizabeth Bernholz – is pure sinister electronica at its darkest. “Belly of the Beast” is a woozy, percussive track, bubbling with menacing, aggressive beats and ethereal, atmospheric synths chained by industrial rhythms that rattle and shake to the core.
“I’ll beat them all at their own game,” Bernholz intones ominously, as the haunting, neo-tribal track lurches forward into the abyss. The visceral offering is a taste of the bare-bones electronic dark-pop that is to come off Bernholz’ forthcoming ‘UNFLESH,’ due out later this year on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray Records.
If Massive Attack and Fever Ray ever made a baby, this would be its catchy-as-hell spawn.

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