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Manic Focus is an exceptional artist who carries with him a personal story and a musical proposal that is worth reviewing. In 2007 he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and that, far from weakening his step, became a driver of his creative ideas.

Now, he comes with his seventh studio album, ‘Never Not Blue’, in which he showcases his growth as a cross-genre artist, capable of transcending musical boundaries.

The album is innovative, exciting and so powerful that it takes you to go from one emotion to another with each track that is played. In his own words, the LP “will take you on a journey through many of the emotions I experience in a manic episode – from the confidence, through the chaos, to the euphoric states, but ultimately ending on a positive note.”

We leave you with a short interview that he gave us and the invitation to listen to ‘Never Not Blue’.


How has life been treating you since your last album until today?


I’ve been busy! Moved into a new place, so that’s taken a lot of my time, as well as playing shows on the weekends.  It’s been chaotic but I’m hangin’ in there!


This might be a cliché question, but how does the activity of your mind affect your music? Or should it be the other way? How does your music affect your mind?


I tend to lean towards minor chord progressions in general, regardless if I’m down or up.  While I enjoy making music with other people in mind, a lot of the music I make is simply me processing emotions.


Tell us about this LP. First, why Never Not Blue?


I think I’m always a little blue.  It’s not a bad thing.  My depression never fully goes away, it’s in a sanctioned little pond in my brain.


What stories did you want to tell with it?


I wanted to give a little glimpse into what my manic episodes can feel like.


Do you feel that it can be understood as the same idea subdivided into songs or does each track have its own vibe?


I think each track is pretty strong on its own, but the track order and interludes tie together the bigger theme I was going for.


What elements differentiate this album from your previous productions?


I didn’t sample any records on this, and I used quite a few new synths and FX that I haven’t used before.


How long did it take you to make this musical material?


I’m always working on tunes, but not necessarily in a particular order.  Some of the songs on this album were started nearly 2 years ago.  Other songs came together relatively quickly this year. 


What is usually the most difficult part of this process and why?


Finishing songs is the most difficult part.  Starting music is always really fun.  Trying to conclude an idea after countless hours can be frustrating.


How has the public’s receptivity been with singles such as ‘You do You’, ‘Over the Sun’, ‘Blamma’, or ‘Brassive Attack’?


I think they’ve liked the tunes.  They do well when I play them live.


Do you use any technique to avoid repeating yourself as an artist? In order not to return to an idea that has gone well and instead of that bet on new things?


I’m always learning new techniques and applying them to what I already know and love.  I think a good technique to avoid monotony is to work in tempos that I never usually work in.


In 2011 you quit your job to make music, how do you think your life would have been if you hadn’t made that decision?


I quit my job to pursue music professionally, but I was always making music.  I’m not sure what job I’d be doing, but I would still be making music in some capacity.


Of the festivals in which you have participated, which have been the ones that have marked you as an artist?


I really love Hulaween, Summercamp, Electric Forest… too many to count! Every festival has their own special vibe.


And if you have to choose a song as the better representative for you right now, from all the ones you have released, which would it be?


That’s a tough one! It really depends on my mood. Anything off the new album is a solid representation of where I’m at now.  Peep the album!






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