“Fringe” a Fun and Fresh Music Journey by the Duo Pen Pin

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“Fringe” by the duo Pen Pin, composed of the talented Jeni Magana and Emily Moore, is a unique blend of dreamy melodies, clever lyrics, and experimental soundscapes that creates an intriguing and immersive listening experience. 

From the very first notes, “Fringe” establishes an otherworldly atmosphere that pulls the listener into its whimsical atmosphere which mixes golden-hued vocals, dreamy melodies, and nostalgic piano in order to create a warm and cathartic musical moment.

“Fringe” will be part of the LP entitled ‘Pony Up’ which will be about the spark of inspiration, holding onto happiness, and friendship, and will be released in the Spring of 2024.

The music video that accompanies the song portrays moments of the girls in images that give the sensation of reality and that give freshness to the production. They can be seen with a bubbler or having a cup of tea while enjoying a book.

 The encounter between Magana and Moore unfolded during a tour alongside Mitski, sparking the inception of a captivating musical venture. With both artists donning multiple hats as musicians, they undertook a DIY musical project, assuming the roles of instrumentalists across nearly the entirety of the album. Moreover, their self-production endeavors added another layer of depth to the creation.

They have solidified their status as touring virtuosos in their own right. Emily Moore’s stage presence has graced performances alongside acclaimed artists such as Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Fun, and Gracie Abrams (a notable highlight being the opening act for Taylor Swift’s Era tour). On the other hand, Jeni Magana’s musical journey has seen her sharing the stage with luminaries like Mitski, Ella Vos, and others.



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