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“…you are just the passenger, letting go of any control…” MishCatt on new visuals for ‘Midnight Sun’

Brave and refreshingly creative, Mishcatt is a pop artist for the future, summoning multiple eras through her unique lens. Her electronic beats synchronize with an ocean-like current, flowing smoothly with modernity. The Costa Rica native was born with synesthesia, and she easily brings to life the shapes and colors she experiences while writing her music:

“This song is about feeling far away from your essence.” Mishcatt shares. “So this video is a literal representation of an emotional journey.” Created and directed by Albin Eidhagen, she and her team built a cardboard car to travel through different manifestations of the MishCatt world. The wild adventure amounts to a crossroads most humans will ultimately face: traversing the depths of yourself in order to extract that essence. Seeking the morning in an eternal night, it’s a call for a midnight sun.

“On the surface, it looks very psychedelic and simple – the car needs energy and your GPS directs you to the sun, taking you through all these different worlds. But if you take it a step deeper, it represents you, in search of this energy, of this sun that will awaken your spirit. And Catt, the monkey which represents intuition, is the one driving the car, you are just the passenger, letting go of any control and letting this intuitive guide take you toward that sun.”

Recording often out of Stockhom, Mishcatt also recently performed at the Avicii Tribute Concert for Mental Health Awareness at Friends Arena, performing Avicii’s ‘Fades Away.’ A re-recorded version of the track can be found here, amounting to over 5 million plays on Spotify and other streaming services.

2020 looks auspicious for MishCatt, with an EP, The Real Pavo, on the way produced by Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow, Britney Spears). Read below to find out what she has on her bucket list as she continues to build her fantastical world.


  • Raise money for foundations that promote mental health awareness, love, and environmental sustainability.

  • Create sound healing concerts around the world. Help heal people’s state of mind and perception with sound vibrations.

  • Start an interactive clothing line.

  • Collaborate with artists and musicians I grew up listening to. I won’t say who to not jinx it, ha!

  • Live in the jungle and have a simple life.

photos / Ellie Pritts
story / Ariana Tibi
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