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photography by ANGELO KRITIKOS


Imagine you are sitting at a speak easy during the prohibition era, with a bottle of their finest absinthe. Suddenly the light dims, you hear strumming of an old school guitar, followed by a demure voice emerge though the mummers of a drunken crowd, then the blue eyed raven that is Lola Coca appears singing over a laid back lazy beat seducing the crowd with her voice. That is the vibe that rouses in me with ‘Love Songs.’ Lola Coca’s  new track is a vaudevillian wonder of intense musical satisfaction. The message itself is a self assured hypnotic tune that can get you through any breakup or beginning of a relationship.


Lola says, “The dating game is more complicated than ever. With ‘Love Songs’ I’m saying that sometimes you might just hold your cards close to your chest in order to not lose again. Being in love with someone but being too afraid to deal with the situation. Never starting the relationship so it can never end. It’s the Aquarius way!” LADYGUNN says, “See you on Tinder Folks!”
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Lola Coca’s album Bad Girlfriend drops December 4th worldwide.

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