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LADYGUNN Jen_Senn_Astrid_S_Ladygunn-2676
If you have had enough of airy, feel good music that makes you sway and sing loudly in the car during a drive, then Astrid S. might not be for you. The Norwegian pop star’s voice twinkles like a shiny object that you gravitate to. She almost sounds like a siren in a tumultuous part of the sea that lures you to a darker but happier place.
Astrid S. began making music at an early age and soon rose a national stage commanding attention that made seasoned pros do a double take. She was an obvious star from the beginning. Astrid  has gone on to infiltrate the radios and music streaming sites with her catchy, earnest and melodic music. Astrid’s glitchy love-sick ballad “Hurt’s So Good” is the exact mantra to get anyone through those in-betweens of the heart strings and indecipherable texts at 2am.
Astrid S. debuts the behind the scenes of her love anthem, “Hurts So Good” today with LADYGUNN. We get insider tour of her creative process and chat more with Astrid about her debut. Astrid goes on tour with Troye Sivan again this fall.

If her debut album was a person:
“I think I would describe it as a young, curious and adventurous person. Someone that is not afraid of taking chances or being heartbroken.”
On touring with Troye Sivan:
“All the places I got to see and the people I got to meet. Troyes fans were absolutely incredible. They were so supportive, and made every show so much fun. They even made posters for me!
On dream musical collaborations:
“I love The Weeknd. Kehlani is also an amazing artist. A Coldplay collaboration would be an absolute dream!
On working with producers:
“Production can be 80% of the song. If you get it right, it can make the melodies and the words you sing stand out and sound better. I play a big part of the production that goes into my own songs, so it’s important for me to work with someone that has patience because it may take some time to explain a sound I’m hearing, or a drumbeat.”



LADYGUNN Jen_Senn_Astrid_S_Ladygunn-2587

Top and pants: Orla Kiely. All jewelry: Tuleste

LADYGUNN 1 Jen_Senn_Astrid_S_Ladygunn-2533

Top: Rachel Antonoff. Pants: Sachin & Babi. Rings: Tuleste. Earrings: Tuleste 

photos / Jen Senn

styling / Shea Daspin

makeup / Lisa Thai

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