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One of the ultimate highlights at Bottlerock 2018 was when Snoop Dogg and Warren G joined famed Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio to “drop a [world] record” for the largest gin and juice ever poured…. But also, watching Phantogram in the rain and discovering rapper Watsky are also close seconds. From accidental sunburns, to too much wine, to too much bbq — Bottlerock literally has something for everyone.
And yes, we could go on and on about how fantastic headliners Bruno Mars and The Killers were, but we’re instead going to list of our favorites instead…

The Night Game
From afar, you may think that The Night Game sounds like an Eagles throwback band, but look a little closer and you’ll realize that lead singer Martin Johnson actually used to be in the emo band Boys Like Girls — and then you’ll realize that you’ve just super missed songs that actually had melody in them, like the kind Martin writes, and maybe that’s why his tunes feel like modernized classic rock.
Most Recommended Track: American Nights

If you weren’t already a fan of singer Sarah Barthel’s amazing fashion — you should a) look up Phantogram photos and steal Sarah’s style, and then b) listen to the entire Phantogram discography starting back from 2007. 
Most Recommended Track: Someday / Saturday

The Aces
These girls are cool without even trying — and their music is even cooler. Imagine The Bangles and Billie Eilish had a group of little girls, fabulously dressed with effortlessly rad vibes in street clothing, and you’ve got The Aces.
Most Recommended Track: Volcanic Love

Billy Raffoul
From his first single, “Driver” to his most current release, “I’m Not A Saint” — Billy Raffoul keeps the raspy soulful vibes going strong. Just as beautiful as his voice, is this kids songwriting — who wrote “I’m Not A Saint” alongside Grammy Award Nominee Julia Michaels, before she went out as an artist.
Most Recommended Track: I’m Not A Saint

Hailing from Austin, Texas this duo has the appeal of two super cool DJ/producers crossed with American Pop Rock. Their most recent EP, “Skeletons Part 2” has stripped versions of all the songs from their full length LP Loner from 2017, so you can really get a feel for how well-rounded these two musicians are.
Most Recommended Track: Everybody Gets High

We first saw Nombe at SXSW, and his slightly psychedelic jam session tunes are a breath of fresh air if you need a break from synth and production-heavy tunes. His most recent full length album is called “They Might Have Even Loved Me” and if you wanna lay back and enjoy the vibes on a summer day, Nombe is definitely the way to go.
Most Recommended Track: Wait

Mondo Cozmo
Mondo Cozmo first started gaining attention a few years ago in 2017 with his breakthrough hit, “Shine.” With notes of Bob Dylan with folk music throwbacks mixed with modern Alt-rock, Mondo Cozmo is slightly reminiscent of the classic rock of the 1960’s.
Most Recommended Track: Shine

The Wrecks
Reminiscent of the pop punk acts of the late 90’s, The Wrecks are slightly more alt-rock leaning with their super catchy tunes. If you’re wanting to see a pretty lively live show, these guys are the ones you should see.
Most Recommended Track: Favorite Liar

Flor is the ultimate mix of laid back vibes with an 80’s pop twist. Their latest album is called “Come out. You’re Hiding,” and features rad tracks like “hold on,” and “back again.”
Most Recommended Track: hold on

The Struts
The Struts are an English rock band from Derby, Derbyshire, England. If you’re a fan of classic rock like The Rollingstones and Queen, you must listen to this band.
Most Recommended Track: Could Have Been Me

Liz Huett
Liz Huett was formerly a backup singer for Taylor Swift with whom she toured for three years. Now, she’s on her own and taking her eclectic pop sound to the next level with her slightly country-influenced sound.
Most Recommended Track: Don’t Luv You Anymore

Matt Maeson
It’s rumored that Matt Maeson did his first tour sleeping in his car, and wrote “me and my friends are lonely” one night on top of an abandoned Wendy’s on said tour. If you were into the vibes of Gavin Degraw but want slightly more edge, Matt Maeson is your guy.
Most Recommended Track: Cringe

Jukebox the Ghost
Jukebox the Ghost likes to describe their single “Everybody’s Lonely” as an evocative cross between Queen and Walk the Moon. Their website also has the best bio opener of all time: “We have been a band for almost 10 years. We have released four albums. One of them twice! We like touring. We your a lot. We have played almost a thousand shows.”
Most Recommended Track: Everybody’s Lonely

Tank and The Bangas
Tank and The Bangas are fairly theatrical when it comes to their music — if Napoleon Dynamite was recreated with a modern twist, Tank and The Bangas would be the ultimate soundtrack. Their lyric video for “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.” is one of the best psychedelic vibey videos of all time, and you should definitely watch it if you’re a traditional animation fan.
Most Recommended Track: Smoke.Netflix.Chill

Alex Lahey
It seems that lately the Aussie music scene is coughing out some pretty talented singers, and Alex Lahey is one of them. Her track “Everyday’s the Weekend” is a punk leaning alt-pop track that sounds like if Weezer had a female singer…. Give it a try, I swear you’ll like it.
Most Recommended Track: Everyday’s the Weekend



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