Eva Grace Is Back With ‘float:’ A Disco Delight With Inspiring Lyrics

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With a vibrant fusion of disco beats and inspiring lyrics that soar to new heights, Eva Grace appears again with her latest single “float.”

On this electrifying track, Grace effortlessly blends elements of disco with modern pop sensibilities to bring to life an infectiously uptempo track that’s impossible to resist. Eva explains that the song started as a singer-songwriter track at her piano, but grew into something much bigger. 


“I was writing a song about my social anxiety, but I knew I wanted the chorus of the song to emulate the feeling of those who seem to float through life. The chorus is meant to sound how it would feel to float.”


The chorus of “float” moves to the rhythm of the unmistakable energy of disco, complemented by funky bass lines and bright guitar riffs, which manage to transport listeners to the dance floors of the ’70s without leaving to feel undeniably fresh and contemporary. Grace’s voice glides effortlessly over this musical backdrop, exuding confidence and charisma as she delivers each line with a subtle, infectious energy. But beyond its dancefloor potential, “float” is a song with a deep message. The lyrics speak of resilience and optimism, encouraging listeners to let go of their fears and insecurities and embrace the freedom of self-expression. From the lush harmonies that swell during the chorus to the subtle synth flourishes that permeate the verses, every musical element of “float” feels purposeful and meticulously placed.


In the music video that accompanies the song, Grace dazzles with her physical beauty in a story that reflects the discomfort she feels in the party environment, where she is not able to be herself. The video makes a kind of criticism of the stereotypes and social pretensions that make people hide behind a skin that does not belong to them. Against a backdrop of kaleidoscopic lights and sparkling disco balls, Grace and her dancers move with grace and precision, and her movements reflect the infectious rhythm and infectious energy of the song. Ultimately, “float” is a testament to Eva Grace‘s talent as a musician and storyteller, with her irresistible disco beat and inspiring lyrics.





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