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Texas born multi-dimensional artist, Easton, created an anthem for the ghost of relationships past and the production reaches new levels of scary pop. The LA based artist’s new single ‘Haunted’ screams emotion through mainstream grooves, touching on the parts of us that can still feel the ‘spirit’ of our exes every now and then. 

“The imprint of them on my life lingers…their ghost so to speak.” Easton comments. “This song encapsulates the feelings of this unstable time& healing process. It’s crazy how our subconscious knows how we’re feeling before we do because I actually wrote this song pre-break up…”

Deep, electronic drums support the intro and Easton’s voice is drenched in attitude. Listening to Easton’s repertoire, ‘Haunted’ fits right in, but his musical evolution is widely apparent. 

As a photographer, actor, and musician, Easton soaks up the world around him and invests it in his work. His personality shines throughout his creativity, just check out his story highlight for ‘Haunted.’ It’s still unclear whether he was bluffing, but we believe him. 

I had the pleasure of  interviewing Easton about his musical past and vision for 2020, read the full conversation below.

Tell us a little bit about your musical background – how did it all start? 
My father was a musician, so I grew up listening to a variety of sounds – from Motown to country…jazz…I love jazz. In high school, I was in an acapella jazz group which really jump-started my path to creating music. While living in New York, I wrote my first song with a couple of friends and recorded it. And in 2017 I started writing and recording full time. 
This is your fourth release, and it seems each track is evolving with you. How were you feeling when you wrote this song? 
Honestly, this song released at such a pivotal moment in my life. I am going through a breakup and wrote this song a couple of months ago when things were smoother. I realized only after the breakup that what I was writing was basically predicting how I was going to feel months later. It’s pretty insane actually. Some other artists I know say the same thing about the music they write – it’s like a word vomit that comes from somewhere deep down…unbeknownst to us that it is actually how we will feel soon. 
Your unique pop sensibilities bleed through all of your songs –  who are your biggest influences?
FKA, Frank, Lana, Bob Moses & King Princess to name a few. 
Childish Gambino is someone I look up to as well because he shows the world that you can do multiple things and actually be good at all of them. I’m all about merging mediums and expressing yourself in all ways possible. 
Take us to a writing or recording session with you. What is one thing you always need to have with you when creating a song? 
Man, what do I not take. I have my bag of goodies 😉 Nah but the one thing I always need is my undivided attention. Sometimes I can be super distracted and I can’t really write what I’m feeling. There are no words or melodies sometimes, and that’s okay.
What do you hope people feel when they listen to your music?
Every song is different, but overall I hope listeners can relate and tap into buried emotions when they hear my music. I love connecting with people. If I can make someone feel something, even if its sadness, I’ve done my job. I want you to feel the things you don’t want to feel. That’s where we make progress.
What is one thing we can expect from Easton in 2020? Anything to share on the horizon? 
2020 VISION BABY!! It’s gonna be a big year for everyone. I can feel it. Even just saying 2020 out loud feels impactful. I’m currently auditioning and working on a couple of short films and on the music side of things, definitely hoping to release an EP. Been workin my ass off! I have a lot queued up and am ready for that sweet release. On the real though, GO VOTE!
photos / Denver Koatian @dennykotian
makeup / Elite Rothstein @eliterothstein
story / Ariana Tibi
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