Dream Pop Meets Shoegaze in Silent Mass’ Latest Single, ‘Land of Heart’s Desire’

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Disciples of the otherworldly Silent Mass are coming right to our world from a parallel reality, ready to bring deliverance. Did you ever wonder how Enya’s music would be if she went goth? Well, you will get your answer today! 

Silent Mass blends together elements of post-punk, shoegaze, ethereal wave, and 90s alternative into a cohesive and dynamic collection of sounds. This musical fusion allows them to push the boundaries and revisit territories once claimed by iconic bands such as The Cranberries, Chelsea Wolfe, Cranes, and Dead Can Dance. Hailed as “ethereal Brooklyn goths” by Brooklyn Vegan, Silent Mass’ hypnotic style will put you in a tantric trance, sending chills down your spine. It’s like being caught in a mesmerizing web of illusions that you won’t want to escape from.

Ammo Bankoff is the mastermind behind Silent Mass, and her debut single, a cover of “Total Recall,” marked her official debut as an artist and gained her widespread recognition from audiences. Eventually, Bankoff moved to NYC to join drummer and producer Alex Posell along with audio engineer and guitarist Robert Duncan. The final incarnation of the band was completed with the addition of bassist Kevin LoBiondo. 

Silent Mass’ mysterious new single, “Land of Heart’s Desire,” is where dream pop and shoegaze make the ultimate alliance, but before we discuss the song itself, let’s take a look at the cover. Whoever did it, managed to perfectly represent the eerie style of the band. It’s one of those things so weird and fascinating you can’t stop looking at it. With this track, Silent Mass stays true to its essence, with haunting vocals and a strangely melancholic rhythm. The song captures the feeling of a dream—being lost in an abyss of emotions. The lyrics are especially captivating, describing an elusive journey into the unknown. The dark and gloomy atmosphere of the song is enhanced by Bankoff’s low, hushed vocals alongside the distorted guitars. All in all, “Land of Heart’s Desire” is a masterpiece of dream pop and shoegaze.

“I wrote the song while reading W.B. Yeats, who was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Yeats wrote a play entitled ‘The Land of Heart’s Desire’ about unfulfilled aspirations and how they can inadvertently affect those around you. This led me to consider the consequences of avoidant behaviors in my own life and uncover the source of my escapism.” Ammo Bankoff

Silent Mass is truly living up to its title. Its music and style are almost a paranormal event, coming from a different plane of existence. “Land of Heart’s Desire” is the first single off of their forthcoming album, set to be released on the Summer Solstice, which promises to be quite an exceptional event. Don’t sit this one out and join their otherworldly journey into the occult!


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