Download New song by The Virgins! 'Blue Lights (oddly enough)' ++ Day in the Life With the band

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Photo /  Adly Elewa

One of our favorite bands, The Virgins, just released a new track, ‘Blue Lights (oddly enough)‘ which was recorded as part of a creative collaboration with vodka brand Oddka by Wyborowa (who filmed a mini-documentary The Virgins – A Day In A Life). “We recorded this song in the studio at the apartment the whole band lives and practices in. We had just brought up some equipment from Nashville and this is actually the first song we’ve recorded with it.” says the band’s lead vocalist Donald Cumming. The Virgins recently released their album ‘Strike Gently‘ on Julian Casablancas’ label Cult Records and plan to hit the road again with a string of tour dates very soon. “Blue Lights (oddly enough)” is a bluesy tune that is perfect  to accompany your wind down for the week.

Strike Gently‘ is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.
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