Dover Lynn Fox Holds a Folk Séance for a ‘Phantom Lover’

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It’s my sincere hope today that my introduction to the wonderful Dover Lynn Fox is as impactful to you as it was to me. The Canadian singer-songwriter out of Burlington is described as having eyes and ears always on the sublime” and I’m positive you’ll soon find out why.

Blending elements from folk music, indie-pop, and rock, Dover Lynn Fox presents us with a warm, analog, and down-to-earth sound rooted in timeless tradition and earnest storytelling. Each pluck of her guitar resonates with the lived-in familiarity of a cozy forest cabin, each soft-sung melody is like a lover’s whisper carried by the cool autumn breeze. It’s not “rural” music per se, but it does have that undeniable rustic charm that seems to clear out all the burdensome buzz of city life that we sometimes don’t even notice is on us.


Her upcoming EP, “Low Moon” (TBA) has already surprised us with her previous single, “Winter Son” aptly released this past January, and her most recent release is the second one yet of the year, titled “Phantom Lover.

“‘Phantom Lover’ is steeped in folklore, myth, and tall tales. It was written during a change, and at the end of a significant relationship. It draws from various voices; those real and those imagined, from both past and present. These voices are messengers, calling and stirring you to persevere and embrace your dreams and your identity in the face of adversity and change.” Dover Lynn Fox

From the first few chords out of Dover’s steely guitar, you’ll be embraced into this fantastic world of ideas turning into solids, here she softly sings us the tale of a love now gone that has nonetheless left an indelible mark thanks not just to the profound emotions once experienced but the personal growth that it invited into her life.

The melodic foundation of the track exudes a radiant and dynamic quality, infused with the perfect warmth to enhance the vocal narrative. This complements Dover’s intention for the song to embrace both myth and folklore as a grand concept. “Phantom Lover” presents a thoughtful examination of resilience in navigating interpersonal challenges, free from idealistic illusions and notably devoid of cynicism or bitterness.




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