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Five seconds in and I already know I’m going to like this. Stefano May comes out swinging right out the gate with exactly what I want to hear the most in the R&B/Soul sphere: That classic, warm and timeless Motown-era sound. The core of his musical proposal is in the acoustic/electric above the digital. I’m a sucker for that classical instrumentation, especially in a genre with such a rich history of outstanding musicianship.

Right now, contemporary Soul/R&B is pretty flush with examples of cutting-edge and avant-garde production values that blur genre lines further and further every day. There’s so much electro-pop and hip-hop influence nowadays that a lot of the “roots” are rapidly falling to the waysides. Lucky there are musicians like Stefano May carrying on that torch so proudly.

Based out of Miami, Stefano May is a Singer, songwriter, and pianist whose style is that of sly romantic with a genuine emotional depth. Playful and lighthearted -yes- but also heartfelt and candid. His vocals are refreshingly dulcet for those of a male vocalist, he’s a clear and crisp singer but the way he hits his higher notes hint at so much more power than his own smoothness and character hints at first. The result is a rather charming and catchy piece that allows the traditional instrumental elements I mentioned before to share protagonism on equal footing, something I always have nothing but praise for since I feel that many otherwise fantastic contemporary singers tend to overemphasize their own vocal qualities at the detriment of the music itself.


Born in Soveria Mannelli, Italy, Stefano flew all the way back to shoot a beautifully illustrative music video to work as a companion piece for this single. Speaking On the video, Stefano confides, “In this video, I witnessed the new beginning of the second chance between this couple. Through their actions, smiles, and affection for each other, while being in sync with the nature around them, I was able to see myself as the person I was at a unique time in my life.”

Created alongside current partner-in-crime, the Luminary producer Chico Bennett (Lady Gaga, The Killers, Madonna, Prince) “Don’t Say Goodbye” is a pretty upbeat song, it’s lighthearted, catchy, and fun, but it does take advantage of Stefano’s emotiveness all the way, like an uplifting and feel-good reflection of an important lesson we’d do well to remember. The Song makes it a point to champion “second chances” in both relationships and life in general, even encouraging us to really make the best out of them. 


PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of the artist STORY: Samuel Aponte






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