Discovering Connections and Human Relationships With Ships Have Sailed’s New Single “Walking Into Walls”

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Ships Have Sailed is one of my favorites, and with their new single, “Walking Into Walls,” they -again- prove why. They have a particular style that is so clean, so profound and so simple at the same time, that it stands out in a musical scene so crowded with sounds, and mixes. It’s maybe this simplicity that makes them so special.

“Walking Into Walls” is an exploration of self-discovery and resilience against a backdrop of indie-pop melody. With their signature combination of introspective lyrics and catchy choruses, the band delivers a song that is both emotionally resonant and catchy.


From the opening notes, “Walking Into Walls” captivates listeners with its infectious energy and driving beat, which has the ability to take listeners on a journey into their own depths.

The arrangement of the song is subtle, thanks to which the emotional voice of leader Will Carpenter takes center stage. The band’s tight instrumentation and polished production give the track a serious edge, creating a sound that’s both friendly and resonant. Will’s performance is raw and sincere, as he conveys a sense of vulnerability and authenticity that draws listeners in from the first line.

Thematically, “Walking Into Walls” explores the universal experience of facing life’s challenges and setbacks. In the words of Will Carpenter, “Our relationships can be as impactful to us as humans as our own inherent personalities. They can shape us if we let them, in good or bad ways. We can learn from them, or outgrow them, and by ‘relationships’ I mean not only those we have with other humans, but with anything around us”. (…) ‘Walking Into Walls’ explores this very abstract idea by simplifying it towards a single, human relationship. You might assume this is a song about heartbreak, but if you dive below the surface, you may find a deeper, more open-ended meaning that you can interpret for yourself.”

“Walking Into Walls” showcases Ships Have Sailed’s ability to create infectious, thought-provoking pop-rock anthems that stay with the listener long after the song has ended. As they continue to evolve and grow as a band, “Walking Into Walls” serves as a powerful reminder of their ability to inspire and uplift through the power of music.


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