DeQn Sue + Premiere of BLOODY MONSTER

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DEQN (214) rev 2
DeQn Sue is dynamic, mysterious, bright, indie, soulful, poppy, alternative, quirky, a bit vaudevillian and truly magnificent. If that’s a lot to take in, well, join the club. The music of this artist is not the type to leave you feeling complacent, it’s more akin to taking some designer drug that leaves your head a little fuzzy, your body a little tingly, and feeling a bit disoriented.
It makes sense that her debut album is called Zeitgeist. The album seems to capture the mood and spirit of so many genres and and era’s that it will leave you both nostalgic and excited. Working with esteemed producer and engineer, Kelvin Wooten (Jill Scott, Django Unchained), the album is full of delightful sounds and insightful lyrics. DeQn Sue credits Chaka Khan, David Bowie, Queen visual artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as her influences and looks to create socially conscious music through catchy lyrics, melodies and instrumentation. We were so excited to get to get inside her head a little bit and premiere the rousing new single “Bloody Monster”, the first single off DeQn Sue’s Snack EP.  The song is an ode to a crazy ass ex-roomate. Enjoy!

You have such a dynamic visual appearance and a stellar voice, you exude confidence. Do you have any mantras to pump you up? We need this!
“It matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” Invictus by William Ernest Henley is my favorite poem and that last verse speaks volumes to me. there’s only one amazing YOU and only you can control your destiny. take it, run and be awesome!
Can you tell us some brands you like or how you develop your wardrobe?
I’m not terribly a “brandy” type of person… if I love it; I don’t care where it comes from. i will say… I adore shoes and my favorite shoe designer right now is Sophia Webster. she is brilliant and makes gorgeous shoes. as for my shows, I usually wear vintage polyester maxi dresses that I find in random corners of the country on my travels and have them tailored and shortened.
What’s the hardest part of starting out as a musician?
The hardest part of starting out as a musician is trying to figure out WHERE to start… it’s terribly daunting to begin a task with no instruction book and the musician lifestyle is the epitome of just that.
Your lyrics to your songs are quite progressive; do you ever feel like you have to dumb it down to fit into mainstream?
No… I don’t think so. my music is what it is and it’s a testament to my life, circumstances and experiences. my goal isn’t really trying to fit what i create into what mainstream is. I say what’s in me to say with honesty.
I love “Magenta” There are so many layered messages that go into the song. How much do you think the idea of race has played into you as a musician with Marketing and PR?
Lol… That’s a bit out of my pay grade. What i care about is the art. I do feel that the color of my skin should never dictate how palpable my art is and I would hope that it hasn’t/doesn’t.
Can you tell us why you wrote “Bloody Monster”
I had the unfortunate experience of living with a closet racist, who in a moment of anger and malice called me the ‘N’ word. I was distraught with emotion and instead of doing something stupid with my hands… I did something more wise with my brain and wrote her a letter in Bloody Monster.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years.
I foresee a couple more albums under my belt, touring like a mad woman, being the face of brands that I respect.
How did you coin the term “alternative-pop” to define yourself?
I can’t take the credit. Afropunk did a beautiful review of my 1st album zeitgeist and coined my music as “alternative theatrical-pop” which I’m crazy about and think is totally fitting for who I am as artist. so since then… that’s that.
What has the process been like for you putting out your music? What is the most rewarding part?
I am indie in its purest form. I am brick and mortar. i created both my album ‘Zeitgeist’ and the latest EP, ‘snack’ with my amazing Grammy nominated producer, Kelvin Wooten who has worked with a vast array of musicians and artists. i love what we’ve created together and it’s so rewarding to be able to perform it for people that appreciate and love it like we do.
Who would you love to do a duet with?
David Bowie.
What is the state of the music world right now? If you could give us a few sentences to describe the vibe.
I think music is in a good place right now… it’s very indie friendly. I’ve found it’s open to every possibility but you gotta bust your ass and break down doors.
What other artistic forms would you like to explore?
Motion pictures.
What is one thing people who never met you are surprised to find out?
I collect vintage cameras. most of them work which makes for some amazingly time-warped looking photos that make me oh-so-very happy.

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