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Dana Williams is back with a new banger, setting off this new year on a high note. Collaborating with, “Growing Up” is accompanied by an intimate video featuring Miki Ratsula setting the mood for what’s to come. Dana and Miki have a long history together. They quickly became friends after Spotify matched them through “Fans Also Like.” Their first endeavor was co-writing Zach Hood’s first original single “Flashbacks,” garnering over 50 million streams. Later in 2022, they once again joined forces working side-by-side on Miki’s sweet single “Sugarcane.” Now history seems to be repeating.

The sugar-coated melody on “Growing Up” is perfectly in sync with Dana and Miki’s voices. Miki’s acoustic guitar brings a powerful amount of raw energy to the tune. The song’s lyrics are both honest and uplifting, providing the perfect soundtrack for anyone looking to find solace in their journey. The track highlights Dana’s quest for self-discovery, healing, and emotional evolution. She speaks about the experience of losing a close friend and managing to keep going forward making it the perfect anthem for anyone going through tough times. The video is simple but effective. We got Dana and Miki singing in a small room. It’s impossible not to feel the passion behind their words while watching them sing.

“‘Growing Up’ is about the unraveling of a longtime friendship and coming to terms with that. Like any breakup, I’m grieving the loss of a loved one. I think it is possible to care for someone but to also to understand that your values no longer align. In order to grow into your full potential, sometimes, it’s important to let go of certain habits and relationships, in order to cultivate the best version of yourself.” – Dana Williams

Dana Williams’ voice has a magical ability to transform bad feelings into something beautiful. She takes a jazzy curiosity to her delivery while bringing her most inner feelings infusing them into subtle vocal movements. While growing up she spent most of her childhood years listening to singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Her father David Williams is a legendary guitarist known for working with Michael Jackson and Madonna. 

Dana’s vocals and guitar mix jazz, soul, and folk into an enchanting form of R&B. The result is something that transcends genres and musical boundaries. Dana has kept herself as an independent artist, free to do what she wants. Releasing over 25 singles and records to date “Growing Up” is a great addition to her already incredible repertoire. Her music is deeply personal and reflective, showcasing her talent, creativity, and particular style. Dana is a true artist, and her music is a fascinating venture that listeners are sure to enjoy. Don’t sit this one out.


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