Colony House

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photos / Jena Cumbo

interview / Koko Ntuen

The Nashville trio known as¬†Colony House are brothers Caleb Chapman, Will Chapman and good friend Scott Mills. The boys have a organic way of making music, ¬†rock’n’roll powerhouse ballads that ¬†feel fresh and exciting. Their songs and Caleb’s accompanying twang gives you just the right amount of ¬†musical nuances for you to sing along to without feeling insecure. ¬†Their lead single¬†‚ÄúSilhouettes‚Ä̬†off their debut album¬†When I Was Younger (out now via Descendant Records), is a¬†rock heavy body of work that makes you tap your feet and shake your head. Tonight the band will performance on¬†Late Night with Seth Meyers bringing¬†their¬†live show to the masses. See below for tour dates and be sure to check the guys out a town near you!¬†We jammed, walked around town and talked with the band to get to know them a little better.
Caleb and Will- I know your father plays music how instrumental was he in you guys forming a band?
C:We grew up watching my dad’s passion for music and saw how powerful a song can be. 100 percent, that is where our love for what we do came from. On top of that, our dad is our biggest fan (well… second only to our mom). He has always been a huge supporter of what we do.
What was it like the first time you guys played music together. How did you know it was right?
C:The first time the three of us played together was in the same spot where we still rehearse today. I don’t remember it being an overly-dramatic magic moment. I just remember inviting Scott over to “jam” for a bit. He came over, we played through a few songs, and the rest is history.
W:We knew it was right when we all went out on the road together for the first time. It felt like we had known Scott our whole lives by the end of that first run.
What is the best part about Franklin, TN? How was it like starting out playing music there?
C:It is a super laid back place filled with some of the friendliest people on earth, but the best part about Franklin is that it’s home! Starting to play music in Franklin was great. It is not a very competitive music community, which I personally like. Rather, it is very much a community that celebrates the arts in all its different shapes and sizes.
What was it like the first time you guys played as Colony House?
C:The first time we played as Colony House was at a house show in Austin TX. It was part of something called SoFar sounds.
W:I thought it was a very fitting first show for us. We were able to strip down what we normally do and tell some of the stories behind our songs.
What the most scandalous thing you have ever seen on tour?
C:I don’t know. Perhaps I have blocked those moments from my mind.

What else do you guys do outside of playing music?
C:That too is hard to answer. It seems all we do these days is play music.
W: When we aren’t, we are trying to just hang with our families and friends. A few of us would like to think we are decent athletes. Our rehearsals consist of 50% music and 50% basketball. (We rehearse in a gymnasium).
What is the inspiration behind the name of the debut, “When I Was Younger”?
C:It is a record about growing up and being able to look back on the days gone by.
W:There is something beautiful about remembering. Nostalgia is a gift that we wanted to write about.
Have you started working on a followup album?
C:In a way, yes. We are constantly working on new material.
Where is the easiest place for you to write music?
C:Home, in Franklin TN. It is the place that inspires me. It is the place where I can let down my guard completely and focus.
What is band practice like?
C:50% playing music and 50% playing basketball. Perks of rehearsing in a gymnasium.
W: We all love band practice. It is a good excuse for us to all get to hang out together.
Who wrote “Silhouettes”? Can you tell us what the song means?
C:I wrote¬†Silhouettes about 2 and a half years ago. It is meant to serve as a challenge for the listener (and the writer). Don’t bury the good moments with the bad moments. When something tragic happens the pain of the circumstance often overshadows all the beauty that came before it and even after it. In order to illuminate the future we sometimes have to walk into the darkness of the past and turn on the lights. We can’t always see the beauty that comes from this in detail but we know it is there for we see the silhouettes.
You guys are very powerhouse rock and roll yet there is a slight country twang at times, would you ever make a country album?
C:I wish we could pull something like that off. Who knows? Maybe we will one of these days.
Who would you guys love to add to your lineup?
C:I am not sure… We feel really good about where we are right now.
Who would you love to tour with?
C:Pretty much any band we love, which the list would be too lengthy.
W: And we love touring with good people. With that said, if U2 happens to be reading this… Yes Bono, we would love to be y‚Äôalls direct support. We’d even consider a 1 of 3 slot.
What the easiest thing about being in a band?
C: hmmmm…. I don’t know. We get to play our own music and we practice a lot… so playing our songs at this point is pretty easy.
Tell us a band secret!
C:There is an eagle call in the middle of our song¬†2:20… but don’t tell anyone okay?

Tour Dates
Oct 1            Indianapolis, IN @ The Hi-Fi
Oct 2            Grand Rapids, MI @ The Stache
Oct 3            Milwaukee, WI @ Club Garibaldi
Oct 4            Chicago, IL @ Schuba’s
Oct 5            Minneapolis, MN @ Turf Rock
Oct 6            Omaha, NE @ Reverb Lounge
Oct 8            Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
Oct 9            Bryan, TX @ Grand Stafford
Oct 10          San Antonio, TX @ Sam’s Burger Joint
Oct 11          Dallas, TX @ Prophet Bar
Oct 12          Austin, TX @ ACL
Oct 14          New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa
Oct 16          Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree
Oct 17          Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
Oct 18          Charlotte, NC @ Evening Muse
Oct 19          Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
Oct 21          Washington, D.C. @ U Street Music Hall
Oct 22          Philadelphia, PA @ Milkboy
Oct 24          New York, NY @ CMJ
Oct 26          Boston, MA @ Brighton
Oct 28          Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
Oct 29          Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern
Oct 30          Columbus, OH @ The Basement
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