Charm of Finches Are Weaving Darkly Bewitching Fairy Tales Within Their Album “Marlinchen in the Snow”

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Sister duo, Charm of Finches, renowned for their enchanting folk-pop music. With their alluring harmonies that seamlessly traverse melancholic and wondrous themes, the sisters have already left an indelible mark on the international music landscape. Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes are the minds behind Charm of Finches. Related by blood and spirit, they released in 2021 their third studio album, “Wonderful Oblivion,” which was very well received and exhibited their exceptional songwriting talent and astonishing vocal performances. Thanks to their work, they have earned numerous accolades, including winning Best Folk Album at the Australian Folk Music Awards and Music Victoria Best Contemporary Folk Act.

In February 2023, the sisters embarked on a month-long recording session in rural Nova Scotia. Collaborating with renowned Canadian producer Daniel Ledwell, they immersed themselves in the frozen beauty of the countryside and embraced the transient nature of their lives on the road as musicians. The result is their fourth studio album, “Marlinchen In The Snow.” 

Drawing inspiration from the Grimm’s fairy tale, the album takes a bold step forward, expanding their musical horizons and exploring new depths of emotion. Packed to the brim with songs, the eleven-track record is a magic trip through Wonderland. The opening song is the enchanting “Clean Cut,” where the duo, right from the start, displays their great vocal work, both in euphony creating a beautiful melody. Titled after the mythological city we have “Atlantis.” Mabel and Ivy immerse us in a haunting world of dreams, bewitching us with their siren song. “On My Own” differs from the previous tracks, wearing indie pop/garage up their sleeves. Other notable highlights are the bittersweet ballad “If You Know Me” featuring singer Sam Bentley and “Human” with its strong storytelling and production quality. The title track, “Marlinchen In The Snow,” is a mesmerizing combination of gentle guitar melodies and soothing vocals that will transport listeners into dreamlands. Additionally, “In The Dark” is a folk-drenched nirvana with Enya-esque beats reminiscent of her single “Only Time.” 

The album as a whole is a powerful experience, rich in emotional verses and enticing vocals. Each track is carefully crafted, with thoughtful lyrics and melodies that draw the listener in creating a vivid picture of the sisters’ journey through the icy Canadian landscapes intertwined with the gothic Grimm’s fairy tales. 

“‘The Juniper Tree’ is a haunting tale of how Marlinchen discovers the death of her stepbrother at the hands of her mother. This found its way into one of our songs. There’s lots of symbolism in the story but really, it’s about female strength and intuition – overcoming obstacles led by your inner voice – a theme throughout the album,” Mabel confides.

Charm of Finches continues their tour through the UK, Europe, and Canada. Their energetic live shows are a one-in-a-lifetime experience bringing their intricate folk-pop melodies to life. Don’t miss your chance to experience their art and get Charmed by their delightful symphonies of sounds. 


5/9-5/11 Focus Wales, Wrexham, Wales
5/22 Glad Café, Glasgow
5/23-5/26 Orkney Folk Festival
6/6 St Mary’s, Chester
6/7 Live Room, Saltaire
6/8 The Greystones, Sheffield
6/9 The Hive, Shrewsbury
6/10 Temperance, Leamington Spa (sold out)
6/11 Kitchen Garden, Kings Heath
6/13 Exeter Phoenix, Exeter
6/14 Bristol Folkhouse, Bristol
6/16Whitstable Sessions, Whitstable
6/18 The Fleece Inn Barn, Evesham
6/19 King’s Arm, Manchester
6/20 The Lexington, London
6/21 Ace Space, Newbury
6/22 Pound Arts, Corsham
6/23 The Folklore Rooms, Brighton
6/25 Acapela Studio, Cardiff
6/27 John Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
7/4-7/7 Gate To Southwell Festival, Nottinghamshire
8/9-8/10 The Magpies Festival, York

8/20-2/21 Writers at Woody Point, Newfoundland, CA


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