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Sister duo Chaos Chaos didn’t plan on writing a politically charged song the day after the election — but it just happened. The indie rock duo is comprised of sister Asya and Chloe Saavedra, who have been writing songs together since they were preteens. Their video for “Pink Politics” was released last month, and was said to have come from “That weird place when you’re feeling really detached and confused about everything.”
Chaos Chaos will release a new album on May 15th — a collection of songs that is sonically reminiscent of 1980’s “Luft Balloons” meets Lorde — and will be back on tour until June.
These exclusive photos were taken by the sisters with a disposable camera — and document their time on the road so far. 

Above: Seattle, WA. This was the first show on our west coast tour. We were shocked to see how many people came out to our hometown show and were hyped. It was an amazing show to kick off the tour with.

Above: Somewhere south of Fresno — This photo jumps to the end stretch of tour driving to LA from Sacramento. I really had to go pee, so we stopped here. This drive was weirdly peaceful and we got amazing tacos somewhere I’ll never remember.

Above: That weird end of tour just dropped off rent-a-car feeling.

Above: San Francisco at ‘Bottom of the Hill’ — This show was so awesome. We ended up playing an improv jam version of “Watermelon Man” by Herbie Hancock for an encore haha!

Above: LA! Right after tour we met up with our friend and photographer Simone Niamani Thomson to shoot press photos in a cold pool wearing suits! Our friend fed us grilled mushrooms and sake shots while we shot, to keep us from thinking of the cold water. Sort of worked.

Above: San Francisco. This was at the Airbnb office — They gave us an awesome tour! I think this room was called the ball room or something. People can schedule conferences in here…

Above: Another Seattle photo. This show was so awesome! This is my signature ski jumpsuit I wear for too many shows.

Above: And another from Seattle … I was really so amazed and honored to see that these people came out to see us.

Above: Somewhere between Portland and Eugene at a hotel! We bought some bad wine from the front desk and tried to order dominos twice. Long story. Also we have a hotel tradition we call ‘tequila bootcamp’. I won’t say anymore.

Above: Seattle before the show! Chloe and I put some blue eye shadow on. We and our other live band mates, Kevin and Luke, did some pre show wrestling and jumping around because we were all a little nervous.



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