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Giulia Magnani and Francesco Drovandi from Pop duo “Palmaria” recently released their single “Chameleon”, an explosion of feelings, energy, and tribal rhythms combined with ethereal voices which results in a soft bohemian indie/alt-pop beat. The song was born from a desire for change, evolution, and transformation, after the last two years spent at the mercy of the pandemic, but always being true to oneself.

“The song comes as a revelation, when suddenly everything is clear, when we’re ready to show the world who we are, get rid of all the layers we’ve put on through our journey and be ready to be vulnerable and strong at the same time”, the duo said.

Born in the region of Liguria, near the island from which they take their name, they made London their home to create music. Their career began in 2017 when they released their debut EP “Swim”, an album that reached over a million streams on Spotify and was supported by UK networks like Complex, Clash, BBC 6 Music, Amazing Radio and many others.

In recent interviews the duo has assured that they get inspired by the atmosphere that the song creates and where it is able to transport the listeners, which is also what they’re trying to achieve with their sound. They also like the fact that they’re not following any precise industry rule or sound trend but instead, they keep evolving; every release is a surprise and never a disappointment.


Chameleon is a serene yet powerful song- the soulful bassline sets the groove off and it stays with you even long after the song is over. The guitar is no slouch either, with a wide open sound that can only really be described as “maritime”, evocative of surf-reggae sounds as well of the mediterranean sea vistas that no doubt inspired the minds of the duo in their youth, though it bears repeating that the tribal rhythms coming through are altogether more evocative of the pacific ocean still, and the more electro-pop elements of the song give it a nice EDM edge that further expands the scope of influences that you can hear. I suppose all of this does is make “Chameleon” live up to its namesake with its ability to change colors and patterns as it were, blending in to wherever you need to transpose its vibes to.


Be sure to catch Palmaria in London on June 16th! Grab tickets here!


Story: Mariana Gonzalez Photos: Elena Maggiulli



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