Catalpa Festival

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story / Tatiana Johnson photos/ courtesy of Catalpa Festival

Summer doesn’t seem to be over anytime soon and the great folks at The Catalpa NYC Music Festival are making sure that we enjoy our summer this weekend on Randall’s Island with great live music on July 28th and July 29th. Being the champion magazine and music festival enthusiast that we are, we will be sure to have you covered in all areas including the music, fashion and the foods! The Catalpa NYC Festival is held at Randall’s Island and the acts are huge! You will find yourself grooving to the tunes of The Black Keys and Snoop Dogg is making it his business to give us a show on his very first album Doggystyle! Can’t forget to mention the banging sounds of Matt & Kim, ASAP Rocky, our girl Zola Jesus and many more. A great thing to note that we made sure to have is the official Catalpa Fest app. It tells you when and where everyone is performing and acts as a great map.Keep up with Ladygunn as we’ll have your on the spot coverage!

Here’s our Top Five Things to Make Sure You Do at the Fest:
1. Make sure you visit the Silent Disco. (It’s like being in your room with headphones and dancing around except this time it’s not just you it’s a party outside!)
2. Visit the Art Installations. Artists from New York, European festivals, Burning Man and Yoko Ono have great stuff on display.
3. The Taste of NYC, didn’t we say food? What’s a music festival without food and being in NYC we had the best of all worlds!
4.Make friends, you’ll be listening to your favorite tunes, not to mention your peers came for the same reason, why not enjoy together.
5. Please wear comfortable shoes. You will be dancing, you will be walking, you will be having fun, be comfortable.

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