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Cobalt blue ink spilling from a sink of notes—a field of chicory and lavender. Caroline Loveglow is no stranger to isolation. Her music is undoubtedly for the ears of the poignantly fluent and October 27th marks the release date of her latest single. With ceremonious chords and a wave-like rhythm to tide the oceans of indecision…porcelain pop is served with a harrowing vibrance. An upcoming array of adagio is scheduled for a February release. Lithe, milky notes that allow us to question…


“Do you really think that what you see isn’t there?”


What is it that inspires the honesty in your lyrics?


Writing would feel purposeless, I guess, if I were to filter or tailor my lyrics. It would be a bit like “Ok, why am I doing this at all?” For me, songwriting has always been a safety blanket and the best mental cop-out. It’s the three-minute and thirty second conversation that I never had at lunch, in a relationship, or with the people around me. Most of my lyrics are just thoughts or ideas I wouldn’t bring up or say out loud. Writing has always been a very bizarre and consistent coping mechanism I’ve used throughout my life. It is a way to compartmentalize something shitty that happened that day at middle school, or, how I haven’t left my apartment in five days and drained my bank account shopping online.


It’s a release and a cushion for a bad situation a lot of the time. I write to empty my head. It’s easier to put something in a song. Then, the feeling can become a tangible-birds eye view thing and hopefully feel a little lighter. I don’t think that sentence made much sense… It’s a strange thing though, wanting people to hear what you have to say so desperately, but then disguising it into a weird little puzzle that also rhymes- I’ve thought about that a lot.


Describe melancholy for you…


Melancholy, for me, is seeing or experiencing something so beautiful that somehow it is devastating. It’s a cocktail of agony, apathy, and a mild acceptance. Whatever that feeling is, has become hyper-specific and recognizable. It’s thinking about the past and the future at the same time, so much so that it becomes impossible to be present. I’m replaying the past, terrified of the future, and not present.


It’s silly, I could be out having a good time with friends, smell a distant fireplace that reminds me of my childhood living room and suddenly I’m bummed out or sad. It’s wanting to be 7 years old at soccer practice running through the grass in the morning. It feels like a yearning for simplicity or for complete chaos. I think I just have a poor relationship with time in general too, so that doesn’t help. Every sunset has always come with a melancholy topcoat. It’s a heaviness I’m aware of but will never be able to understand and I’m not sure I want it to disappear.


If your music was a color, what would it be?


It would be green. Then again, I’ve always attached that color to everything or have incorporated it into whatever I’m working on somehow. I should ask my therapist about that lol.

What’s your favorite spot in LA?


My favorite spot in LA would be a tie between Home State in Highland Park or my apartment.


Piano or guitar…which instrument do you prefer for your artistry?


I don’t know if I necessarily prefer one over the other. They’re both crucial to the way I make music from beginning to end. I lean on both instruments in different ways. It’s easier for me to write lyrics, melody, chords, and a basic structure on guitar. I’ll then translate that into Logic and build the rest of the track around those chords or pieces.


I use a guitar to build or inspire almost all my songs. Usually, I end up cutting the guitar entirely and replacing it with a synth or manipulating the guitar into oblivion. I really rely on my midi keyboard and a mix of plug-ins from there for almost everything.


Between the release of Patience Etc… and your upcoming single Happy Happy, what about you has changed, and has there been anything that has shifted your approach to music?


My personality hasn’t changed since releasing the first single. A lot of aspects of my life have definitely changed though, for the better, and in a very short amount of time. I’ve been able to play some of the most incredible shows, opening for so many of my musical heroes. I’ve learned a lot from them- Just being around them is very inspiring to me. I’ve met so many new people and my life is now completely centered around music, which is what I’ve always wanted. 


My approach to making music is still identical to how it’s always been. I still have the same production set-up (just in a smaller apt now). I’ve been trying to be more responsible and sleep like a regular human for the first time (I say this at 3:00 in the morning lol). I feel very lucky to be on a label surrounded by really warm, supportive, innovative, and intelligent people and artists I really look up to. They’ve made me feel extremely comfortable and accepted. I think if anything, I’ve become a little bit more confident. 


Your favorite pair of sunglasses?


Well, right now I only have one pair, because I lose them habitually. This pair is black and from a gas station- nothing too exciting. 





Caroline Loveglow Tour:

10/29 – Levitation Festival – Austin, TX ~ w/ George Claton, Magdalena Bay, Negative Gemini (live), etc.

11/02 – Soda Bar – San Diego, CA ~ *

11/10 – Cornerstone – Berkeley, CA ~ *

11/11 – 1720 – Los Angeles, CA ~ *







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