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Words / Erica Hawkins

The Spice Girls were my first foray into music obsession, and it hasn’t slowed down since then. My allegiance to Ginger, Posh, Baby, Scary and Sporty lives on to this day, as well as the ever-growing seed of girl power that was planted in me by their debut album, Spice.  That said, when I heard we were premiering a cover of one my long-time favorites, “Wannabe,” my first inclination was to worry… but luckily, upon first listen all my doubts zig-a-zig ah’d away.

The latest track by Nashville based electro-pop singer-songwriter CAPPA is a more sultry and seductive take on the iconic pop anthem, but it still embodies all of the catchiness and “I am woman, hear me roar!” authority of its 1996 predecessor.
“‘Wannabe’ was one of my favorite songs as soon as it came out. I feel like it was really edgy and pushed the envelope for what was being done at the time yet still is so relevant today,” the artist tells us. “It’s all girl power and standing up for yourself and I love that. I wanted to try out my own rendition using some of the current production styles in pop music that I am such a big fan of.”
If you’re into nostalgia, electronic dance beats, and adding to your summer playlist, then don’t go wastin’ your precious time — get with your friends and give it a listen.
And catch CAPPA on tour with Matt Wertz this fall! See their dates below:

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