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Julianna Joy…the effervescent emblem of timeless indie. The 20 year old pop singer’s latest release ‘Prescirptions’ debuted in January and details the candid struggles of an ongoing mental health journey, eluding to a rhapsody of sonic fragility. With aplomb, Joy shares with us her three all time favorite playlists to tide the storm…
What is a song you could not live without?
I absolutely cannot live without ‘Douchebag’ by Chloe Lilac. It was my most played song of 2021. I played it 436 times!


A song that takes you back?
‘White Dove’ by Koda. I first heard it while driving around in Massachusetts with my friend Jenna. Every time I hear it I get sent back to driving through the forest, flashes of green, and the freeing feeling of speeding.


If an artist were your spirit animal, who would it be?
Taylor Swift, because everything about her is a mood.


When did you first start listening to music?
I started being really into music when I was a baby, actually. My parents would play me Baby Mozart stuff and they said it was when I was the most calm as a baby.


Your favorite girl group?
Red Velvet…100%.


Your favorite ballad?
My favorite ballad has to be ‘Bad Dreams’ by Faouzia.


A song for the shower?
‘Forever & Always’ by Taylor Swift. 100%.


A song for the road?
With no sense of irony, I listen to ‘Give Me Everything’ by Pitbull and Ne-Yo a LOT on my drives.


A song for the rain?
‘The Other Woman’ by Lana Del Rey.


Your favorite Disney tune?
OKAY… I have multiple favorites, but my all time has to be ‘I See The Light’ from Tangled!



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