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Last time we checked out Bronsen Vidas, he was killing time, but today he seems to be trying to kill some memories dragging him down. “You’re just a Daydream” is a dramatic ode to realizing that getting over someone isn’t as easy when your subconscious keeps bringing them back to your dreams.

Describing himself as a “human music blender”, Bronsen’s newest track is as eclectic and peculiar as his previous, perhaps even more so, as even his use of elements like the electric guitar is not at the service of a conventional chord progression but a trance-inducing repetition of a groovy motif reminiscent of the early 2000s R&B/hip-hop fusion. The genre smoothie doesn’t end there, however. Using a fairly modern electro-pop rhythmic base, his higher vocal notes echo the style of the 1970s and 80s in full, giving the track not only a dimension of musical genres but also one of many generational influences tied together at the musical convergence point that he is.

“You’re Just a Daydream” allows us to explore Bronsen’s vocal range a bit further, and we can find him as comfortable on higher notes as he is at his baseline, leaving no doubts about how his vocal plasticity can adapt to the flexible and whimsical approach to composition; he can basically get as experimental and off-the-wall with his sound as he wants to, and he will still sound good doing it.

The currently-independent Bronsen I believe has more than a little bit to offer everyone. His sound is -as I said before- very eclectic, something that many wish to be but not everyone can easily pull off, either because they lack the technical capabilities, the refined instincts or perhaps because they simply aren’t playing with the right genres to begin with. Vidas has no such difficulties when it comes to the process of musical alchemy, he knows just how to process each ingredient in a way that allows them to fit together in unsuspecting new forms.

Story: Mariana Gonzalez  Photos: Courtesy of the artist



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