Bridget Kelly

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story / Seleah Simone  photographs / Jiri Makovec

Bridget Kelly embodies the energy of what you would call a beautiful tomboy. She has an edge of assertiveness mixed with just enough lady like qualities. On this beautiful fall day in New York, she dons an interesting manicure job, cleverly skunk streaked bangs and yellow sneaker shoes.
Many know her simply as the girl who sang the anthem Empire State of Mind” in place of Alicia Keys for Jay-Z’s 9/11 tribute concert. Yet, after taking a listen to her EP Every Girl, it’s easy to see that she is a shining star in her own right. Kelly’s singleSeek and Destroy” is abrasive with just a touch of pop and speaks to literally Every Girl. In fact, minutes after listening I posted a link to her SoundCloud page, on my boyfriends Facebook wall. Ladygunn chopped it up with Ms. Kelly, Roc Nation’s reigning princess.

Who wrote “Seek and Destroy”?
The Dream! Don’t you hear all those damn curse words! Lol

Did he also write Every Girl?
No. James Fauntleory wrote it! He’s an amazing writer too!

How accurate are these songs to your life?
Very accurate! They describe me very much.

How would you describe your style?
Soft and hard. I wear a lot of feminine pieces like the shirt I’m wearing now that has the back out but then I’ll wear shoes with chains hanging off.

Curios, Are you single?
Kinda sort of. (Pause) I’m going to say yes!

What can’t you live without?
Hmm I don’t know….I guess water! That’s a good one.
New York or LA?
New York! I’m from here!
I see you covered Frank Ocean’s song “Thinking About Forever” on your EP?
Actually, Frank wrote that song for me initially but there were some discrepancies on when my project would be dropping so he went ahead and released his version.
When is the album dropping?
2012. Many of the songs on the EP will be on the album so if you liked the EP then you’ll like the album.

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