Breaking Barriers and Blending Cultures: A Conversation with Innovative Musician SWAYLÓ

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Meet multifaceted producer and promoter SWAYLÓ, who draws inspiration from his South African heritage and his upbringing on the Zuni Pueblo and Navajo reservations. 

SWAYLÓ’s multifaceted background has greatly influenced his creative process, resulting in an amazing and peculiar sound that is known worldwide. His ability to integrate diverse cultural influences into his work shows his talent as a truly innovative artist. Through his music, he celebrates the beauty of diversity and shares it with the world. 

SWAYLÓ is easily the most important artist you should pay attention to this year. Not only has he performed at renowned festivals like Electric Forest, EDC Mexico, Envision, and Lightning In A Bottle, but he has also had the opportunity to support world-class acts such as ZHU, Diplo, BLOND:ISH, Noizu, Matroda, Cloonee, Nora En Pure, Jamie Jones, HoneyLuv, Destructo, and many others. He is also the founder of Ancient Future Present, an imprint and event series that showcases his vision and passion for music. Through this platform, he has created a space for artists to express their creativity and share their art with the world. Furthermore, he serves as the Entertainment Director at AREA15, a renowned event space in Las Vegas, where he continues to curate unforgettable experiences. His most recent single, “PSYCHEDELIC GIRLS,” is an enthralling psychedelic world filled with vibrant energy and pulsating beats. This extraordinary realm merges bold rhythms with deep sub-bass and finely-tuned congas, creating an “architectural” and meditative piece that intends to expand the boundaries of your consciousness.. SWAYLÓ is proving he is a force to be reckoned with!


Today he’s sharing the juicy details about his new single, his experiences on his current tour, and much more! Join us and let’s see what he has to say.

Tell our readers about yourself. They are crazy to get to know you better. 

I’m grateful to be alive and each time I wake up I make sure to express my gratitude for rising up another day. I love music and art as it’s a way to express emotions, energies, thoughts, and feelings beyond the constructs of words. I love how music brings us together! I split my time between Santa Fe, NM, Las Vegas, NV, and out on the road. I’m traveling 2-4 times per month! 

How did you end up in the musical scene? What made you pursue this path? 

From my earliest memories, music played an important role in my life. It has always represented a way to connect deeper. To connect to the spirit realm. To connect with one another. I began playing with instruments, mainly drums, and percussion, when I was very young. I spent a fair amount of time playing the guitar and when I found Garageband as a kid it was a way to play all of the instruments and be my own symphony! Seeing how music brings people together into union and a shared experience is really what led me to pursue it as my main focus. 

Do you have any special influences? Another musician you would like to mention as inspiration?

I absolutely love reggae music. I was super inspired by Bob Marley growing up. But also dub artists like King Tubby and Lee Scratch Perry. I have a solid record collection of old dub tracks. Not only did I love what it stood for, regarding peace and love but I also just found myself moving into a transient space when I’d listen to these records for extended periods, and in that space, I felt a deep connection to the world. Hard to put that into words. 

I see your South African heritage and your upbringing on the Zuni Pueblo and Navajo reservations has influenced your music. How does that influence the creative process behind making your sound? 

It helped me to connect to the source and to be guided rather than trying to figure it all out. It helped me to be in touch with nature and let natural elements guide and inspire me. It influenced me in regards to understanding how a trance beat or repetitive drum beat could help shift consciousness from one dimension to another to a place where one could interact with spirit. 

Would you mind telling us about your experiences playing Electric Forest, EDC Mexico, Envision, and Lightning In A Bottle?

These were all incredibly joy-filled moments for me. They were stages and platforms where I had always dreamed of sharing my art. And when I made it to them, I realized that anything is possible that I set my heart and mind to. Electric Forest was such a blast, I ended up playing 3 sets each with such a different energy. EDC Mexico was beyond fun, pulling in a strong crowd and seeing everyone smiling and dancing will always stick with me. Envision we packed the stage beyond its brims, I played for 2 hours and people didn’t stop moving the whole time. 

“PSYCHEDELIC GIRLS” is one of your best singles! We’d like to know more about it. 

My newest record feels like a fun one. It welcomes you to a psychedelic house groove, full of uplifting and playful energy. I designed it to represent that psychedelic vibe on the dance floor. Hope you enjoy it!

You’re also currently touring the US. Is everything going well so far? 

I love traveling and playing music, meeting new people, and getting the dance floor grooving. It’s what I was brought here to do! 

What are your current plans for the future? 

Stay consistent in releasing records that are intended to uplift the listener. Work on building out the ANCIENT FUTURE PRESENT label. Offering highly experiential and sensorial events and experiences under the record label umbrella! Travel and connect with humans all around the world. 

Would you like to share anything else with our readers? 

I’m always here for you and so grateful to ride in this life with ya! Let’s stay strong and positive, we got this. x



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