Blues Singer Abraham Alexander Is Ready To Break Boundaries

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Words By/Robert Frezza

Photos By/Dustin McLaughlin

           Blues singer and Leon Bridges collaborator Abraham Alexander’s appreciation for music came when he was 23 years old. “I was playing college soccer and I tore my ACL and my girlfriend at the time bought me a guitar. My family was into music but that wasn’t my thing, but once I got hurt everything changed.”

Alexander was born in Greece but left the troubled nation due to racial tensions and because the collapse of the economy. “It definitely helped me in terms of inspiration and it brings out emotion when I need to in my music.”

Alexander first got noticed when he moved to the States. “I was doing open mics down in the Fort Worth area of Dallas. I would be scared at first, but would keep on playing and was invited to comeback to play there. It was awesome.”

He eventually collaborated with R&B and soul singer Leon Bridges. “Leon is a good friend of mine,” Alexander says. “I played some background vocals on his Coming Home project. Doing solo was always my thing. I think everyone has a unique story to say, so that was doing justice in telling my story and what I’ve gone through. Leon Bridges inspired me a lot. You don’t see many black men playing guitar and that definitely kept me going.”

Alexander’s music covers everything from pain to trauma to love. “I try to reflect back onto what I have gone through and use that as inspiration to write songs.” Says the blues singer. Working with producer Cameron Warren helped craft the singer’s sound. “He was able to allow me be myself and discover what I truly wanted. I didn’t want to be placed inside a box. I love soul, folk, blues, and R&B. He helped me blend those sounds together.”

Cameron helped Alexander nail his bluesy sound down in the legendary Abbey Road Studios. “Just sitting there and listening to my songs getting mastered there in such a legendary and iconic place was such an inspiration. Just to see my music come from the sweat, spirit, and soul that was poured into that place is definitely a blessing,” says Alexander.

Alexander is on a seven-week tour that concludes back in NYC on October 23 at Rockwood Music Hall. Check out the video for his single “Stay” below off his self titled EP out September 13.

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