Blue Orchids

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A prophetic morning glimmers over a haze of trailing smoke. Harnessing the power of a floral wreath, Abby’s journey is explored poignantly through a sound that radiates assertive inquisitiveness and blue flame ignites in the latest EP Fears of Yours&Mine…where six unique petals dance with a dizzying elegance and Abby lets us contemplate deep in thought… all while falling asleep in our best party clothes.


How would you trace your current process?

My most common process is that I start it acoustically, either on guitar or piano. I’ll start with a lyric or an idea, and kind of build off of that one. For ‘Residing in the Sky’, it was a little bit different cuz it was kind of like a breakthrough moment…I was in an Uber ride on the way to the studio and I thought of that first line…” I’m making love to my future.” I wrote it on the way there and it took shape after that. So sometimes it’s just something that will just randomly come to me and then it’s good timing where I’m able to just get it out.


“I’m scared you won’t like what I think”?

I think that one was just about me growing apart from someone and recognizing that and your kind of in this space where you’re afraid to speak your full truth in that sense, so it was fear on my part to explain exactly what I was thinking, and it was a period of growth for me, and I wasn’t looking to be attached to anyone at that moment. We had become symbiotic, and I think that was a tough thing to express to someone that you’ve kind of grown besides and then you realize that you kind of want to be on your own for a little bit…


Would you say that that time on your own was necessary?

Sometimes when you’re in a room with a bunch of different opinions and ideas…it’s not fully your own. This is my story, this is how I want to tell it, this is how I want it to be done. When I spent those two months on my own it was just fully an internal expression. I’m in LA right now but I spent half a year in London, three years ago, and I wanted to get back out there for that same sense of solitude. I have a few songs that I’ve been working on with some friends…I feel like I like going somewhere else because you feel separated from your everyday life and your everyday movements.


How would you describe a quiet confidence?

I don’t talk all that much…I feel like at a party I’m normally sitting down. I’m very anemic so I just kind of sit places and just talk with people that are around me. I would say I’m a good listener, but I do have good confidence in myself, so I’ll talk kind of when I feel passionate about something and I feel like I didn’t have that before, and I feel like finding that has been a beautiful thing for me. I definitely overshared in my youth, you overshare quite a bit, but I think finding that confidence in yourself…you kind of choose your words a bit more carefully. I practiced Buddhism for a while, and I think that that helped me a little bit too…doing everything mindfully.


Would you say that there’s a spiritual element to your music?

I think it’s always lurked beneath…moving here I’ve felt detached from that recently. Through COVID I would go to temple every Tuesday and then the temple shut down, and It’s hard to kind of regain that sense of community, but I think when I’m alone is when I find it again and I go into those rituals of listening to myself and taking care of myself.


Have you ever fallen asleep at a party?

I almost did! I mean there’s been a few times where I’m talking to someone and I’m standing for a long time and that’s when I feel like I’m gonna faint so then I have to sit down. It’s a thing that runs through my family…we have really low blood pressure, so it happens at concerts and parties…I’ll be dead sober and just faint! That’s why I prefer to be onstage instead of in a crowd.


Vice to Virtue?

I feel like it differs with the song, sometimes I’ll write about giving into things and sometimes I’ll write more revelational songs where you’re doing it for yourself. I feel like it’s predominantly virtue but I do tend to write about more somber topics so I guess that would be more towards vice.


Do you like poetry?

I haven’t read much, but I would say Ocean Vuong…he wrote this book called On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, which I think is one of my favorite books I’ve ever read, but he comes out with a lot of strictly poetry pieces as well.


Your favorite piece of clothing currently in your closet?

A robe that my mom gave me…I think I wear it around the house, like literally every single day. I wear it all the time…it’s my favorite thing!


Your sound?

I would label my music as therapeutic…I think there’s a lot of deep feeling in it. If you’re looking to drive on your own that’s a good way to listen to my music. It’s not party music but it has a bigger message and I think that it’s for people who really wanna listen to something.






Story/ Alexander Mays

Photos / Cloudytots





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