Bitters: An Anthem for ‘Irritating’ Boys by Sidney Bird

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In a world where generic pop anthems dominate the charts, bitters by Sidney Bird stands out as a breath of fresh air, embracing comedy, irony, and the ability to laugh at our own stereotypes.

Through this song, she skillfully captures the essence of an obnoxious and juvenile high-society boy, who needs to check on himself every five minutes, apart from acting childish and chauvinistic, to the point he becomes irritating.

Sidney is a beloved artist from the Southwest, making waves in Brooklyn, where she is rapidly building her reputation. Has over 5 million streams and has cultivated a fervent fanbase with her authentic crossover releases.

Hailing from Arizona, Sidney Bird confidently holds her own amidst the Western pop scene, alongside esteemed artists like Kacey Musgraves and Leon Bridges. Yet, she also gracefully embraces the indie pop scene, drawing inspiration from the likes of Maggie Rogers and Noah Kahan. Bridging genres effortlessly, Bird finds her creative spark when back home in Arizona, where she pens all her songs before collaborating with producers in Brooklyn to bring them to life.

The music video for bitters was masterfully shot in the picturesque setting of Palm Springs, weaving a cinematic narrative that humorously depicts the story of a housewife and her pool boy. Sidney Bird’s artistic vision and voice shine through, complementing the song’s essence and delivering a visually engaging experience.



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