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Founder and director of Head Bitch Music, Jessica Vaughn, formerly Charlotte Sometimes and currently LACES, has released her newest single “Girlfriend,” and we’re very much here for it. After being the target of an industry horror story, Jessica has been putting a tone of effort into making art that circumvents the many pitfalls and predatory traps of the mainstream music labels and platforms. She’s her own boss and her own record label, a testament to hard work and the capacity of determined women to succeed on their own.

Forward. Bold. Uncompromising. Those are some of the words you could use to describe LACES’ new single “Girlfriend”. But that would not really be enough to do it justice, you would also have to take into account the nostalgic and sweet reminiscence that Jessica Vaughn very easily transmits with her luscious and warm vocals.

The nostalgic feeling of the song isn’t just in the the vocals, but in the music as well. “Girlfriend” makes use of the Synth in “Synth-pop” with extreme prejudice. The melodies are the perfect backdrop to this trip to LACES’ past in an aesthetic sense as well as a lyrical one.

In no uncertain terms, “Girlfriend” is a song about, experimentation, sexual identity and romance.  LACES says she wrote “Girlfriend” “as a celebration of who I am, as a treatise on how I love, and to give myself a chance to reflect on those teenage years that created the confident bi-sexual badass that I am today”. And confidence is how and what she delivers in spades with her singing, as the song always has this teasing and playful “IDGAF” attitude that has a refreshingly amusing quality to it.



photos / Shari Hoffman

story / Samuel Aponte

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