Be not a “Stranger” to Close To Monday

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Close To Monday, an exciting European duo led by singer/songwriter Ann and musical producer Alexander, has captured a devoted following with their distinctive fusion of sounds reminiscent of CHVRCHES and NIN, establishing a musical identity that is truly their own. Since its inception, Close To Monday has achieved remarkable success, securing the top 3 positions in the prestigious Deutsche Alternative Charts and earning acclaim for visually stunning music videos like the celebrated “Guns” at international film festivals in London, Rome, and Paris. Their music acts as a guiding light for individuals embarking on journeys of self-exploration and discovery, offering a melodic compass to navigate the complexities of personal growth and the world at large.

“Stranger” by Close To Monday is a captivating amalgam of moody synths and haunting vocals, crafting a masterpiece that exudes a distinctive and commanding aura. Imagine the enigmatic essence of David Bowie’s ‘Thin White Duke’ persona merging with the iconic vibes of Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”—it’s a musical fusion that truly stands out. If this description doesn’t already have you hooked, then it’s time for a reality check.


The track kicks off with a rather eclectic sound and a somewhat upbeat vibe, but as the synth work grows more complex, it also grows edgier and darker. “Stranger” guides listeners through a captivating neon-lit narrative blending themes of obsession, control, and freedom with its hypnotic production and enchanting vocals. Exploring the complexities of dysfunctional relationships, the song mixes human-centered lyrics with futuristic and industrial elements to imprint in you. With haunting synth-pop vibes, the track offers a vibrant and eerie sonic experience. Crafted using vintage analog and modular synthesizers, the beats provide a dynamic backdrop for Ann’s emotive vocals, allowing her intense lyrics to shine in a captivating musical landscape.

“The track delves into the shadows of [the characters’] love story, a complex dance where the desire to break free collides with an irresistible pull, creating a vortex of torment and vitality,” the band says. Elaborating on the magnetism of dysfunctional relationships, they add, “Despite their yearning to escape, each attempt only draws them back into the vicious cycle, a paradoxical realm that both torments and breathes life into their existence. The music mirrors this tumultuous relationship, offering a hauntingly beautiful reflection of the individuals’ struggle to break free from a toxic yet life-sustaining bond.” Close to Monday


Embracing the allure of Scandinavian runes, Close To Monday has recently unveiled a new logo featuring symbols such as ‘kenaz’ (strength), ‘teiwaz’ (success), and ‘dagaz’ (flow of time), drawing inspiration from ancient runes known to shield and empower travelers during challenging times.



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