Band Boys

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Normally our music feature ideas are inspired by a seemingly unobtainable person. Initial contact is usually a mischievous phone call to an agent that starts off with, “Hi, I’m with Ladygunn Magazine…. and ends with an interview and accompanying shoot.  This time, we decided we didn’t have to search beyond our stomping grounds of Bedstuy & Williamsburg. Band Boys showcases the local talents we bump into around town, or accidentally dance punch in the face at the bar.  For more on their music: Ethan Carlson,  Yonathon Levi, Jack Glottman, Aaron Giroux, AJ Annuziata and James Blackmon.

Producer Koko Ntuen
Art Director Allison Conway
Photographer Gina Longhitano
Stylist Pepper Cambeiro
the comic issue

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