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Puerto Rican global star Bad Bunny and regional sensations Grupo Frontera have teamed up for a mash up collaboration of our dreams. Fresh at the tail end of Coachella weekend, Bad Bunny – who marked the festivals first Latine headliner in its history with his headlining performance this past Friday, took to social media to drop the surprise news of a new single. This is not the first time Bad Bunny turns towards a regional Mexican direction, but it does mark the first collaboration alongside one of the newer and current power players of the genre, Grupo Frontera.

With the recent rise of regional music in the recent years, the resurgence is carried heavy by the millenial and gen z class reinventing and reintroducing the genre to an ever-growing global fanbase that has become enamored with Latine music takeover. Solidifying their place in the shifting movement, trailblazing Norteño newcomers Grupo Frontera have proven to take the internet and genre by storm as with their continuous string of hit after hit from “Que Vuelvas” to “Bebe Dame,” continues to take over and dominate music libraries and charts alike. Safe to say that the (unexpected) mash up between two forces at the top of their respective genres would cause anything short of a social media driven commotion and an easy recipe for top charting success.

The single falls somewhere within the range of Grupo Fronteras’ signature cumbia-driven Norteños and Bad Bunny’s more stripped down melody-driven ballads, with a lyricism that encroaches straight to a lamented heart. “Un x100to” translating to “one percent” narrates the love-lorn longing experienced in missing an ex long gone and taking possibly one of the more riskier chances in the 21st century – calling them with that final percentage of your phone.

Watch the sensational collaboration below:

Words / Jeanette Diaz

Photos / Courtesy of The Exclusive Agency

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