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The making of Baby Yors‘ album “AMERICANO” is a poignant tale of creative triumph and profound personal loss. Set to be released on July 4th, it was produced over nearly two years in close collaboration with acclaimed producer Bram Inscore, who had worked with renowned artists like Beck, Rina Sawayama, Troye Sivan, and BTS.

Tragically, Bram Inscore, Baby Yors’ long-time collaborator and friend, took his own life in December of last year after a prolonged battle with depression. His passing cast a somber shadow over the project, yet Baby Yors persevered, determined to honor their shared vision and Bram’s enduring legacy, with this album being a “goodbye” of sorts and a testament to their deep artistic bond.

The duo began their collaboration in 2021, focusing first on the album’s lead single, “Nada Más Americano.” Following the track’s resounding success upon its 2023 release, they redoubled their efforts, determined to complete the full-length project. By the time of Bram’s passing, they had finished 8 tracks for “AMERICANO” and started work on at least a dozen more, some of which Baby Yors will now complete for a deluxe version set to release later this year.

The album’s creation also mirrors Baby Yors’ own personal journey. Born in a small town in northern Argentina called Jujuy, he moved to New York City in his late teens, navigating the challenges of survival, integration, and, ultimately, finding a deep sense of belonging.

“I have always sung, directed videos, danced, acted, and painted,” Baby Yors reflected. “I studied a lot, but then I realized that I needed to spend as much energy unlearning what I had learned, to truly find my creative voice and express who I am.”

The album is set to be released on -what else?- the fourth of July, and in the meantime, we can enjoy a taste of what’s to come with the single and accompanying music video for “RED RIVER MARIA”, Yors’ most recent work.

The opening lines seem to reflect our tendency to believe we have all the answers, even when our knowledge is limited. The narrative then shifts to a surreal battlefield, where a “GI Joe” is engaged in a “one-way” war, exposing the lies and deception that can underpin conflict, but then they turn towards addressing the spread of misinformation. These elements suggest a commentary on the proliferation of pseudo-science and conspiracy theories that often masquerade as fact.

The release of this song is accompanied by an official lyrics video that pays homage to the filmmaking process and the iconic visual style of classic Hollywood cinema. In the video, Baby Yors is depicted “driving” a – rather stationary – classic cherry red convertible, a nod to the cinematic tradition of capturing artists in this manner. This technique has been a staple of many iconic films in previous eras, though modern audiences will know that directors like Quentin Tarantino have often incorporated similar shots as a nod to the very same aesthetic and era.

The rest of the visual component of “AMERICANO” is a collaborative effort between Baby Yors and photographer Thom Kerr. The resulting artworks will be exhibited at XPOSED on the Highline in New York City from May 10th to June 11th, providing a visually arresting complement to the album’s emotional journey.

As anticipation builds for Baby Yors’ upcoming album, “RED RIVER MARIA” serves as a tantalizing preview. This daring, uncompromising work solidifies Yors’ status as a genre-defining visionary and acclaimed singer-songwriter, showing why Baby Yors has earned recognition as one of the most influential LGBTQ+ figures globally.

Photos: Joseph Adivari







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