AVATARI Liberates His Desires in His Latest Song, “Bad Things With You”

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AVATARI, the alt-rock superhero with the soul-stirring mission of bringing freedom and unity through music, takes a surprising turn with his latest single, “Bad Things With You.” While known for reflecting universal truths that join the human race through anthemic rock, this song stands out as an expression of raw desire, with a twist, though.


AVATARI is not your typical indie rock artist. After dealing with addiction and depression, having witnessed the dark side of Hollywood, and battling his own demons, AVATARI emerged with a powerful message of unity and self-expression. His sound is a blend of alternative rock inspired by rock legends from Elvis to Imagine Dragons. 

With his latest song, “Bad Things With You,” the artist brings a catchy, seductive anthem filled with electric guitar riffs that, on the surface, is a playful story about those sudden sparks across crowded rooms. It’s a scenario we’ve all experienced: the internal battle of “what do you do?” and the irresistible force that seems to take possession of our bodies.

However, “Bad Things With You” is much more. According to the artist himself, the single is a rebellion against our inhibitions. AVATARI seeks to empower listeners through music. So, how does a song about carnal desire fit into this grand mission? The answer is vulnerability. With the lyrics, he challenges listeners to tear off inhibitions. It is an invitation to embrace our primal desires and accept the liberation that comes with them. Shedding societal expectations and expressing our authentic selves—even what is called “bad”—can be a powerful act of self-discovery. 

It is true that there is a long line of musical giants who’ve explored themes of desire—artists like Nine Inch Nails and Prince who pushed boundaries and challenged norms. What distinguishes AVATARI is a layer of empowerment transmitted with fierce and tempting lyrics. 

According to his own words, “Underneath, this song is about not just tearing off your clothes but your inhibitions. Those most annoying things that keep us from expressing our true selves. What if we could shed them like a snake shedding its skin? And think, say, and do exactly what we wanted to.

This depth elevates “Bad Things With You” beyond a simple indie rock song. It’s a celebration of self-expression and a reminder that embracing our vulnerabilities can be the first step toward liberation. Whether soundtracking a night of dancing or sparking introspection, “Bad Things With You” is a perfect fit. It’s a rebellion against societal expectations, a call to embrace our true selves, and a reminder that even the bad things can be catalysts for positive change.  





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