Anna Storm Puts Herself First in “Clown Tears”

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Imagine trying so hard to keep up with a partner for so long, just to find out it is simply not worthy of all that effort. You are angry, sad, frustrated, but you definitely feel sexy and empowered when you realize you are way more than a prisoner of a toxic relationship. That’s what  Anna Storm’s “Clown Tears” is all about.

Storm is a pop and R&B artist from Connecticut. Her music and unwavering determination have allowed her to transform from a victim of harassment and bullying into a strong, confident female alpha. “Clown Tears” is a captivating and hypnotic piece that delves into the mindset of a woman who has finally freed herself from a toxic relationship and must now embark on a journey to rediscover her true self.

“Clown Tears” exudes a dark and moody vibe, amplified by a powerful synthesized rhythm heavily influenced by electronic soundscapes resulting in an irresistibly danceable and alluring single. The subtle incorporation of such elements serves as a clever yet impactful touch, emphasizing the playful and seductive undertones within the song. Through her raw vocals, Anna expresses a range of emotions. At times, she channels her anger when memories of past mistreatment resurface. Other times, she chooses to let go and have fun, realizing that not everyone is worthy of her attention and efforts. Yet, despite these varying responses, one thing remains constant – Anna’s provocative nature. She may even ask for time to heal from the pain caused by others, but this request itself speaks volumes about her bold and fearless persona. The fact that her vocals are front and center throughout the song transmits the message with passion and conviction.

In the music video for “Clown Tears,” Storm looks stunning and seductive. The video effectively conveys the stormy and contradictory emotions of the song by creating visual contrasts. For example, it juxtaposes the neon lights of a dance floor against her glittering tearful eyes, showcases the rush of a card game in a casino, and captures moments of trying drinks in a bar followed by a shot of Anna seated asking to be left alone. The use of these contrasting visuals add depth and enhances the overall impact of the song.

Anna Storm has achieved significant success in her career, including being an Emmy Award-winning artist featured twice on Lizzo’s hit TV show, “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls” on Amazon Prime. Additionally, she has made recent appearances on popular TV programs such as Snapchat’s “Phone Swap” and Netflix’s “Chad and JT Go Deep.” Her talent and presence have allowed her to make a notable impact in the entertainment industry.


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