Bronx native and R&B singer Angelica Vila loves New York City. What I find crazy similar is that one of her many influences, Jennifer Lopez, grew up in the Bronx, as well. “Growing up in the Bronx was so much fun, if you are hungry you can literally eat anything or find a deli store right around the corner. It’s a very crowded city so public transportation could be very annoying and boring if you are alone. One thing that does make the Bronx so cool is our lingo and fast paced lifestyle.”

I sat down with the budding, beautiful, and colorful personality that is Vila and we discussed not being compared to her influences, her single “More In The Morning”, and signing to the legendary Roc Nation record label.

When did you know you wanted to sing and start a career?

When I was 11 or 12 years old I knew I wanted to take music seriously. I listened to a lot of Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Cassie & love Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Hannah Montana, etc.

How did you end up meeting Fat Joe and signing to Roc Nation? 

I am signed to Fat Joe, I met him through Pretty Lou (One of the hottest DJ hosts in NYC). He had reposted one of my freestyle covers on his Instagram, Joe had seen it on his page and reached out. We then met in the studio and he took me under his wing. I’m signed to Roc Nation in conjunction with Republic Records through Fat Joe.

Your song for “More In The Morning” reminds me of a Rihanna/JLo vibe? Is this the sound you were striving for? 

No, although they are some of my influences, I’m striving for my own unique sound. Regardless people are going to get compared. So it’s best to just keep doing you and let the public wonder: what direction is she about to take?

Who did you work with producer-wise and what did you learn in the studio?

I worked with many dope producers, Antonio Dixon is one that was cool to work with. I learned that its important in creating the right sound and getting it done properly . My vocals always turn out crispy clean the product is never rushed.

What’s next for you? I know your EP is about to drop. Any plans for touring?

I have more music to be released and a project coming out. I’m ready to get more visuals in and honestly I’m super ready to get the show on the road, things are just taking longer than expected but patience is key. I’m still a workaholic so that doesn’t stop for me.



story / Robert Frezza

photos / Mark Clennon