ANASTASIA Emerges as a Beautiful “Mariposa”

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ANASTASIA‘s debut EP is a powerful collection of songs that are inspired by her personal experiences. The title track, “Mariposa,” is a potent rallying cry for anyone who is still searching for their dream life. The song is a homage to ANASTASIA‘s Latin pop roots, with its strong reggaeton influences, and highlights her Cuban and Argentine heritage, something that has already earned her praise after her single “Familia” was chosen as the anthem for FOX’s Latin Heritage Week in 2022.

The EP is composed of five of the most earnest songs she’s written so far, exploring different elements of life as represented by a spin on the classical five elements -earth, water, fire, air, and space- Through her captivating storytelling, ANASTASIA inspires listeners to embrace their true selves and fulfill their destinies. 


Her fearlessness in sharing her personal journey encourages us to seize our dreams without hesitation and find self-actualization. The EP serves as a powerful reminder that our stories are constantly evolving and waiting to be written. By embracing depth and living authentically, we can paint a picture of our lives that’s truly our own.

ANASTASIA‘s lead single from her EP, “Mariposa,” is a powerful and unapologetic title track that reflects her Cuban and Argentine roots with its Latin pop and reggaeton influences. The song encourages listeners to speak their truth and embrace their journey, reminding them that there’s no better time than the present to chase their dreams. “Mariposa” is a deeply personal and authentic track, just like the rest of the songs on the EP.

In addition to releasing the single, ANASTASIA has also shared a music video for “Mariposa.” Directed by Gabrielle Gorman, the video features ANASTASIA wandering in nature, searching for meaning. Throughout the video, we see close-ups of different types of butterflies, or “mariposas,” which add to the song’s message of transformation and growth.

“These songs tell stories from my personal experiences to remind us not to fear treading deeply or waiting for the perfect moment to chase our dreams. Much is not in our control, but Mariposa reminds us that the rest of our stories are unwritten and that it’s never too late to become who you were always meant to be.”

ANASTASIA‘s music is deeply personal, raw, and authentic, which is evident in all the songs on her EP. Her unique voice and storytelling ability make her stand out in the crowded music industry right now.




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