An Uplifting Musical Experience: Liv Slingerland’s New Song ‘Better Than’

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Liv Slingerland‘s latest release, “Better Than”, is a delightful piece of indie pop with catchy melodies, powerful lyrics, and infectious energy, which is a must-have for anyone looking for an uplifting musical experience.

“Better Than” is the brainchild of Liv Slingerland and Joseph Pepe, who have an impressive track record in the music industry, having worked with renowned artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Halsey, and Post Malone. Their collaboration on this track shines and shows off their talent and creativity.

One of the most notable features of “Better Than” is its undeniable appeal. From the first notes, the song’s upbeat beat and upbeat instrumentation draw listeners in, making it nearly impossible not to tap your foot and sing along. The production quality is excellent, with a polished sound that seamlessly combines various musical elements. Liv Slingerland‘s voice is confident and full of conviction, but at the same time entertaining and light.

Liv’s decision to write and self-produce the song in her home studio in Los Angeles adds a personal touch to the song. It is evident that this project is a labor of love and her dedication to creating music that resonates with her audience is palpable.

“When my dad passed away and Covid started, I immersed myself in learning how to record at home,” she admits. “I had all these ideas that I’d been working on and it was about putting them down on record,” she said in an interview for Guitar World.

“Better Than” is not just a song, it is an anthem for anyone looking to boost their self-esteem and find a reason to dance. Its upbeat vibe makes it a perfect addition to any summer playlist, and its message is timeless and universally identifiable.

“Better Than” is definitely not just another indie pop song. Without a doubt, “Better Than” deserves a spot in any music lover’s collection as it promises to be just the beginning of an exciting journey for Liv Slingerland in the world of music.



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