“Alyssa” Is the Newest Video/Song by JTM and Babyjake, and It Is a Welcome Surprise

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Rapper JTM (James) is making waves with his most recent single “Alyssa”, featuring queer indie rock banger BabyJake, a collaboration that was made in heaven.

JTM began releasing music as James the Mormon in 2015 and became an icon of his religion. His album “I’m Not a Rapper” was ranked #1 on Billboard in 2016. James has released many albums since and has worked with many brands like Monster Energy, Burger King, MLB, FIFA, Best Buy, among others. James chose to abbreviate his name to ‘JTM’ in order to avoid confusion with the previous religious connections since he does not consider himself a religious or gospel artist. Despite this, he continues to believe in his faith. When the pandemic hit the world James decided to pause everything and bide his time, to launch a remarkable comeback. So here we are, in 2023, powered by a full catalog of albums alongside his larger-than-life mascot, Ozzy, JTM is ready to amaze us.

Talking a bit about his wingman, Florida-born and Los Angeles-based BabyJake is not your ordinary rock ‘n’ roller. He brings the 70’s spirit full of style and swagger. His songs are about self-discovery and emotion. His music blends classical and modern rock.

“Alyssa” is a great mix of R&B and pop with a little bit of rap. JTM delivers a colorful song full of emotion. “Alyssa” captures the essence of several music styles and yet still stands out with its unique flavor, proving that JTM is not afraid to experiment with sound. The combination of these genres is like a delicious fusion dish – each flavor is distinct yet works together to create something new and exciting. JTM has crafted a masterpiece that will have listeners coming back for more. The track is also an impressive showcase of JTM’s talent as he takes us for a musical ride. It’s a song that will stay with you long after it’s over, and will surely be one of JTM’s defining works. “Alyssa is the classic story of a boy who wanted a girl who wanted her ex. This true story of the love triangle between JTM and Alyssa is told in the first verse. BabyJake joins the track to tell his own story of his own love triangle in the second verse. We feel like almost every human being can relate to the line in the pre-chorus “If you’re thinking of your ex just know – that my feelings – they’ve been building like a red brick road” as we’ve all gone through the pain of investing into someone who wasn’t able to invest back into us.” JTM explains.

The video is uniquely fun and surreal. It takes place in a car with a human-sized doll and BabyJake wearing an Ozzy costume (Ozzy has a very strong resemblance to Elmo I might add). Simple yet effective. The video is a humorous interpretation of an everyday situation, which makes it even more entertaining. The song is catchy and the visuals are vibrant and captivating. Overall, the video represents BabyJake and JTM’s creative and fun style.

Stay tuned for more. JTM’s album release is right around the corner and promises to be a fascinating piece of work.





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