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Summer Cannibalsphoto / Jason Quigley

Portland rockers, Summer Cannibals’ third full length album Full Of It is the perfect summer, easy-breezy, angst record. Perfect backdrop noise for putting on mascara after you just told someone to fuck off.

Led by guitarist/vocalist Jessica Boudreaux, the Cannibals have been insider faves sharing the stage and receiving encouragement from peers such as The Thermals, Along the Way and have been enthusiastically received in their hometown and on their insane touring schedules.
When the band decided to sign to a label, they chose the iconic Kill Rock Stars, which has a long history of putting out fearless, female fronted bands like Bikini Kill and Sleater Kinney in the mist of the public radio.
“Summer Cannibals take us back to our roots,” says KRS President Portia Sabin. “Jessica is a great songwriter and the band is super exciting live, it’s a perfect fit.”
The new album Full Of It is the band’s defining statement to date. The melodies and nostalgic riffs that will make you press play all summer long. Premiering exclusively at LADYGUNN today. Enjoy!


LADYGUNN 1JWC_8656_final_John Clark_LoResphoto / John Clark

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